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Bagwa Jo Si

In our IG PAGE you should already seen our amazing art work on the bagwa and how the different stages works. However, this post is to get you on the magic learning part and so you can know what to do and how to use the bagwa magic, and how to invoke the Bagwa Jo Si to help you deal with things. To get this magic to work - you must first at least initiate or ordain to become our lineage's disciple, so that you have the heart spells to activate the power, or else, there is nothing you can do about it. No power, no magic. Simple?  Before we go onto the lesson, lets enjoy the artwork again....be hold!


What is the Magic About?

Bagwa Jo Si magic is to invoke the bagwa Jo Si power for help. It can be used for almost anything you can think of. Bagwa Jo Si is like Google, or YouTube, like a search engine. Anything you need help with, Bagwa Jo Si will help you find the useful resources and help for you. It's like a person who knows every professional in the world.  As long as you need help, he can bring you the associated deity or powers.

Pre-Heaven Bagwa Symbol

Kin, Dui, Lei, Junn, Shun, Hum, Gun, Kwun. Memorize the 8 words for the spell, and yes you don't need to memorize their meaning. They are like ABCDEFG.

Post-Heaven Bagwa

Kin, Hum, Gun, Junn, Shun, Lei, Kwun, Dui.  That is the spell for the post heaven bagwa, which you also need to just know how to say it, like ABCDEFG.

How to Use

Preheaven bagwa calls the Bagwa Jo Si, which is what you want to know and use this time. The PostHeaven bagwa is for the disciples to learn for the future learnings. :)

Hold sword finger on the right hand, close your eyes, heart spell and stomp left foot 1x. Then draw the symbol in your left hand with the right hand sword finger, and then hold onto a fist, stomp left foot and then slap your chest 3x. - for safety and protection.

If facing danger or evil spirits attack, after holding a fist, face the threat and open the palm, shout "HA!" and stomp the right foot 1x to 3x. That will take care of the situation and blast the evil crap away.

If you are doing something and need ideas or you need help in problem solving, you can also draw the symbol into a cup of water and drink, to have the bagwa jo si power going into yourself.

A variation of the symbol on the right, means 3 circles at the end, not drawing the 3 strokes. You will use this method of the 3 strokes when the magic is done in a more emergency situation or you want things to "take action right now", then you will do this 3 circle method. If even more urgent, do 7x circles instead of 3.

The Bagwa Jo Si Pot

To open a mobile altar, we use a method called the "Dai Gut Pot" or you can say it is the bagwa Jo Si pot. Basically the idea is to build an altar from the basic, and it all starts with the POT connecting to the right power.

What you need is to learn the following FA JEE (symbol) called the dai gut 3 ching 13 loop. After that, you will have to apply that AND the preheaven bagwa symbol together.  So after learning and memorizing the spells and symbol....

Take a container as a pot, for example, a clean tin can will do the job. Fill it up with rice (or the ashes you use for incense pot). Then, left hand hold the pot, right hand using sword finger, take power with heart spell, then draw the dai gut symbol on top of the surface, followed by the preheaven bagwa symbol. Then, you can place the pot on the table, and start to use thepot for your altar etc. This method is for our disciples only.

Spell for the dai gut fa jee - 

Dai Gut Dai Lei Dai Gut Cheung, yuk ching chick, sheung ching chick, taai ching chick, jee, chau, yunn, maau, sunn, jee, ng, mei, sun, yau, sut, daai gut, daai cheung.

Bagwa Jo Si will be introduced in the later open temple sessions, and we will update this post with more reference. Stay tune and keep learning. Don't forget to check out the forum for more goodies!