Different Levels of Gods

You might wonder if there is any level of gods, like which one is “higher” and which one is “lower,” and how the ranking system work. After reading about “statue vs picture for the god,” you should better understand local gods vs master gods. In this post, we will talk about the gods and their “levels.”

First, let’s introduce two terms – BIG GOD and SMALL GOD.

BIG GODs are the master gods in the celestial court above. They are “big” because they are the main or original one. They cannot stay in this world, but they can help people by distance or check up on your altar from time to time etc. However, they are mostly just residing in the celestial court.

SMALL GODs are the gods cloned and sent to this world, such as the god in your statue. These gods reside locally at an altar, with a statue as their body. They do not go to the celestial court but can communicate with the master god above when needed.

When we invoke the gods with a big ceremony, we invite the BIG GODS to visit. Sometimes they will come, and sometimes, they join the session by distance. Sometimes the BIG GODs arrive and give you signs such as sparking candles, coiling up incense (the burning tail), and maybe other signals.

A normal altar with just a statue (no lineage signage) will only have small gods at the altar. Yet, a big god might visit you and bless your altar if you are lucky. The concept is like if the small god cannot handle a case, you need to find the big one for help because the small god is not powerful enough.

Local gods, such as the landlord, door guardian deity, bedside deity, etc., are all small gods. You can see that they are needed because the big gods cannot always be there to help you do all these local jobs.

There are celestial troops in the celestial court, which is like the god’s army. However, some troops are also trained in our local altar, which we call the “altar army,” These troops are like the small gods; they stay at the altar and don’t go away. Usually, we ask the celestial court for troops, then they will send a team down for us, which we will cultivate ourselves and turn into a powerful army at our altar.

Gods also have “ranks” too. The system has nine ranks, with one being the top and nine being the lowest.

Rank 1-3 are gods that stay in the preheaven, like the big gods in the celestial court. These gods are also called the “Upper” level gods.

Rank 4-6 are gods that stay on the altar, like the small gods in the statues and altar. These gods are called the “Middle” level gods.

Rank 7-9 are gods that reside in your body or have been sent out to work in this world already, such as those assigned to work after a FU or a god was sent out to do a certain magic task. These gods are called the “Lower” level gods. (When you ordain, gods will be placed inside your body).

In each level, the highest level is like the boss, the middle level is like the manager, and the lowest level is the worker; it’s like the system you should be familiar with from your work and business side.

You can also think of it this way- the top one is like the “source” which stays, the middle one is like the communicator that brings things back and forth between you and the gods, and the lowest one is the one that executes the task for you. It’s like the provider, communicator, and doer.

This concept gives you a brief idea of how the gods work and their hierarchy system so that you know the ORDER between them.

Always remember, if big gods arrive at the altar, ensure you don’t forget to burn incense and talk to them about your need. Imagine that the BIG BOSS at work came to visit your branch office; you would want to show the big boss the BEST look and impress them strongly while asking them to give you help and resources you lack.

These are just general concepts; it goes more complex than this. For example, if I use my altar’s god and split a clone of the god for you, then that means even if your altar’s god and my altar’s god are both considered small gods, my god’s rank is still higher than yours. So, if you have been doing magic at your altar and it doesn’t seem to have enough power, then you will want my altar to empower yours. Always get the power from the upper level or higher level. Also, never forget to submit letters and offeringsto worship the BIG GODS via the HQ altar because that’s one of the most important things you should do to build up your credit in the celestial court system.