Distance Big Ceremonies

Introducing our exclusive spiritual ceremony services, specializing in exorcism, sorcery and curse busting, relationship harmonizing, and addressing various spiritual cases. Prior to purchasing, please consult with us via email to ensure the right ceremony for your needs. Our remote ceremonies, conducted by Jee Sifu, offer convenience and expertise. No need for in-person visits; simply provide the necessary information and materials. Ceremonies typically last 1-2 hours, excluding preparation work like writing FUs and setups.

1. Afterdeath (Funeral) Ceremony: 7-day package, $6000+tax.
2. Exorcism: Single or multiple ceremonies depending on the situation. Details discussed via email.
3. Magic Battles: 1-7 ceremonies based on complexity. Email consultation required.

For more information or assistance, please reach out via email.

Let me know if you need any further adjustments!