Taoist Armor of Protection the Taoist Robe

Do you know that the Taoist robe has a special feature besides just being an outfit to look more “Taoist”? There are two types of robes in general, one type is called the Tao robe, and one is called the magic robe. Both are used all the time, and you MUST have those properly consecrated to have the power to protect you and empower all your magic.

Tao Robe

Tao Robes are usually plain, and they come in different colours. These robes give you the identity of a disciple and a Taoist, hence the name “Tao Robe.” On the surface, they make one look more like a Taoist, and it is cool to wear them in front of your friends too. However, there is a deeper meaning and usage behind the “tacticool” feature.

When you are a Taoist, you are a member of the Tao family, the Tao lineage. That means the Tao will supply you with the necessary power and protection. The Tao Robes are there to draw power from the Tao for you, and they serve like a power bank to soak up the Tao’s power as you cultivate with them. The more you use them, the more power they will have inside.

Why do you need that, though? Can’t power be cultivated into your own body?

Sure, but what if you are sick? What if you need an extra boost on a special occasion? What if you need extra power on a tiring day and have no choice but to do an exorcism ceremony? Putting on the Tao robe will help you a LOT! We could be powerful, but we also will have our downtime, sick days, and tired moments. We knew our phones could last a day with one charge, but we all knew that we should always have a power bank with us when we go out, just in case!

Magic Robe

The magic robes are usually fancier looking, with graphics and embroideries etc. The main purpose of these robes is to do work for the Tao. It’s like you are a professional working on behalf of the Tao, so the Tao will empower you to do whatever work. It’s like you are on a power-boosting potion; everything you do gets more powerful.

Imagine you are helping out a friend or relative to cleanse and exorcise their home. You might think it is a cleansing ceremony, but who knows what was hiding there causing all that problem? Maybe you could be encountering some strong entities too. It is not uncommon that cleansing will suddenly become an exorcism ceremony because these hidden things pop up, and you need to deal with them immediately. Having the magic robe on ensures that you have the power to deal with these things on the spot; it is SO important because the graphics on the robes all have special features programmed and consecrated into them. If you are at that level, you will learn about them and know the secrets in the robes!

Oh yes, hats, shoes, and other outfit accessories are all like this too. They are essential for a serious Taoist like police need their bulletproof vest and guns. It’s not something you can go without, for sure.

If you are one of our disciples, you should at least aim to get the Tao Robe first because that is the power bank that you can start charging already. Don’t waste your time trying to do your cultivation by yourself (without the robe). If you can cultivate AND save up power simultaneously, why not?

Consecrating the Robes

The robes are nothing magical by themselves; you need to do magic to them to consecrate them and make them a real magical tool. Most newbies cannot do it yet, so we always do the work at the back for them when they order the robe. If you order a robe online on your own, then you need to have us help you do the magic work on it afterward.  A robe that is not “activated” yet is like another T-shirt or jeans; it doesn’t do anything just because it “looks” like a Taoist robe. It is not the design itself that is magical, but the actual agreement between the gods and the human that is magical.

To introduce the robe’s consecration, I will try to explain it in short.

First, we need to invoke the gods and have them witness the ceremony. Then we need to submit our request with a special letter to have the gods acknowledge and approve our robes. If approved, we will then sanctify some FU talismans and such to burn into the robes, stamping them and putting the seals on the special features to “activate” those spots for whatever purpose they should have. In the end, we will have the gods do the final approval and empowerment, and there goes a real magical robe is born.

Magical robes can also be changed or replaced if damaged, don’t worry! If the robe is worn out, burnt, or damaged, you can buy a new one and transfer the power to the new one with a magical method. That way, your robe can always look good and shiny while the power grows.

Ordain today to learn more about it, and start cultivating your robes now! Disciples, remember to get your robes, don’t hold back and waste your time cultivating robelessly!