Ordaining to Become a Taoist is a Big Deal

If you are new to this subject, you might think that ordaining to become a Taoist is like joining a group, a club, or just being a “student” of someone so you can learn something. While it is true that you are joining a group, it is much bigger than that. This article will let you know the details and what you should do to make the best use of this opportunity if you are ordaining.

Birth of a Relationship

When you decide to ordain, you will make the payment to submit your request, but that does not guarantee you a ceremony yet. I would have to go to my altar and ask the gods if they want to accept you, and if the divination result is negative, I will refund you in full!  If you got accepted, I would continue the process and work to get you ordained.

When the gods accepted you, that means they accepted you as a Taoist disciple and agreed to take care of you and give you a new life. That is a big deal. The three things that you will get from this relationship to start with:

  1. The way of life means that you won’t be wandering around like an ordinary ghost when you die. You will have a place to go, our destination as Taoists, to where we should go for a better future and life. (Daai Law Tin) Since you are all set with a place to go, you will not be wandering around yourself or being lost in the middle and captured or enslaved by other entities.
  2. The tools and methods to solve problems – like those magic methods, spells, and all sorts of tools- help you solve problems you will encounter in this life and onward. This makes you a powerful Taoist because it means you can now solve problems and deal with hurdles instead of just accepting them helplessly, as most people do. Imagine you got a headache that is just so random that most people will ignore it and say, “that’s just whatever” you could have detected that it was some evil spirit energy around, cleansed it, and it is gone. Wow.
  3. The masters – There are three masters to start with; the first is the human master (me), who will teach you and pass on the knowledge and wisdom. Then you will have a master that is a god who resides inside your heart after the ordination ceremony. This is called the Yin-master; he is there to help you learn or translate/relay your thoughts and intentions to the gods so that the other worlds can understand your words. Then, there is a god that goes to your altar to start your altar up. This master will help you and protect you all the time while helping you execute the magic you want to do.

Why the Benefits?

You might be curious why this ordination will result in so many benefits and why the gods will keep helping someone they never knew. The answer is simple; you have decided to ordain, commit and be part of the system. It’s like you decided to be adopted, then the new parents will take care of you as long as you are truthful about your decision.

Keep in mind that the benefits will be there only if you have the trust, faith and determination in the Tao. There are things to learn and follow, such as the five virtues, the ten commandments, etc. As long as you behave well and do a good job as a disciple, you will see the benefit coming your way non-stop. The better you are, the more the Tao likes you, and the more the gods will do for you without you even asking for it. It is a fact that gods will help you even if you didn’t open your mouth yet – if they like you. I have seen that happen all the time.

Like Father and Son

There is a saying in Chinese, “One day a master, father for the lifetime.” Once a person becomes a disciple of the master, the relationship should be like father and son. There should be trust, respect, faith, honesty, and all sorts of good virtues within the relationship to keep it going. Put down your ego and learn properly. If you cherish the relationship, your master (me) will do the same. That means that the father will always be there for you and help you if you are in need.

What’s the difference?  Well, to a client or customer, I would point them to pay for services, and we always have a limitation to what we could do for a stranger. However, for disciples, they are like my children, and that means we must help them until the problem is resolved because there is no other way to ignore it. We must give help until it is fixed. It’s not about money; it’s about helping them solve their problems, like how a father or mother helps their children. It’s a different responsibility and mindset for the master when it comes to helping a disciple versus a customer.

Now that you know the meaning of ordaining, you should treat the opportunity differently. Put your heart into the relationship and SHOW it. Don’t just say you FEEL and RESPECT; your action is what counts. If you have respect and such, demonstrate it with your action to make it real. When it is felt, you will immediately see the good things coming your way. How to act properly? Read up on the ten commandments or take these few steps – be proactive in communicating and show respect while having the urge and desire to learn, always show up daily and show progress, ask questions and seek for more teachings!