Taoism Lucky Cat Guardian

The magic of Saam Law Tao is so amazing; it is not only powerful but also fun and down to earth. Everyone knows a famous Japanese cat as the wealth ushering cat or the “Lucky Cat.” In our lineage, we use this cat as a statue (a body) for our cat guardian, which is also specifically trained to be a wealth booster and helper!  You can worship this guardian on the altar like all other guardian statues, or you can place it around the office or home to give them special tasks. For example, put one at the entrance of your shop so it can suck people in! While it sounds so fun and versatile, the different colour cats will have different powers and properties.

The Yellow Cat

This cat is named the “Heart Locking and Soul Moving Cat”; its job is to override people’s feelings and change their minds or secure their minds on something in your favour. For example, you are getting a business deal worked out with the client, and the client seems to be not certain and debating between a few choices. This cat can help to make the client choose YOU instead of others. It “changes” the mind!

The Black Cat

This cat is named the “Wealth Sucking Treasure Gathering Cat,” Its job is like a black hole; it sucks! Do you want people to come your way? Do you want all the spenders to come your way? Do you want all the good ideas to come your way? Have this cat dance around your area; everything you want will come over!

The White Cat

This cat is named the “Show Off and Wealth Ushering Cat”; its power is to help you shine and show off! There are many hard-working people out there, but how come only a few stand out from the crowd? Do you want to be the one that stands out more and be seen? This cat can help you shine and ensure your effort is not wasted. We have worked hard, but we also need a boost to ensure we are noticed and liked!

The Cat FU

You can have these guardians’ statues be consecrated by me, or you can request a FU that will be sent to you for carrying. With the FU, the celestial court will assign one of these cat guardians to you and follow you around to give you help whenever you need it. However, the amount of help it can give depends on your faith and output. Having the statues will be like having a cat guardian on your altar all the time, which you can “feed” and raise yourself; then it will help you for anything as long as you keep feeding!  Having a FU is like having a borrowed cat that follows you for a while; it will help you too, but not as much because you are not the owner. The cat FU is great for an average person because it’s like giving someone an apple from an apple tree in your backyard; at least they can taste the fruit right away. Having a statue and worshiping is like giving you a tree to grow yourself. Apples will be there later, but it’s not something for a newbie or someone who needs immediate help.

The Statues

Any lucky cat statue works, big or small, in any style, but the colour must have to be accurate. We use yellow or gold, black, and white. You might see other colours too, they could be used, but you need to inquire about customized magic for these other models. After choosing the right statue, then you would need us to do the consecration work for you to get it to become a real cat guardian statue. You can place them on the altar like other statues, or you can place them around the place for special purposes. Remember that they are cat by nature, so don’t forget to put up some fish as food offerings!

If you want to have one of these cat FU or statue consecration, you can get the Luck Cat FU from our website or request for consecration by distance! Welcome to inquire more about it so you can get the right cat for your need. Want to learn the magic yourself and start consecrating statues yourself too?  Ordain today to join and learn!