Which God Should You Pray To

Everyone might have a god or goddess in mind when it comes to choosing one that you want to pray to. However, it’s often the “famous” or “popular” one that sticks out more because you have seen it everywhere and always heard the name. The most common one should be Guan Yin for the Chinese because it is one of the most popular goddesses in the movies and TV shows!  However, do you really think that is the one you should pray to or worship? How to know which god is best for you? This article will open you up to a new world of wisdom.

Big God and Small God

It sounds funny, but in Chinese, we do have a term for the bigger gods versus the smaller gods. It’s not that the bigger, the better, though. It’s like the big god as in the CEO and those big guys in the board of director group, small god as in the workers and sales etc. You cannot just have the boss and not workers, or just workers and not the boss. Some gods are bigger, as in they are the main powers and are more general. Some gods are smaller because they are more specific and only deal with a more detailed subject.

You should always have the big gods first and then the small gods that go after them to help you with specific things. For example, you should always have a big boss to open the company; then you can have workers that work for the company to produce things. If you go the other way around, it doesn’t make sense. You need a leader to lead the small god and give it protection!

Your Big God

For our disciples, if you have a “Sun Paai” and activated your altar, your first main god at the altar is always the Jo Si, or “Bagua Jo Si” in long form. You can read up about him in the other post.

After you have your Jo Si and landlord set up, your statues will be all under this god. The Bagua Jo Si is the biggest at the local altar, not the biggest in the whole lineage. However, all the local gods at your altar are under the Jo Si. You can say Jo Si is like the big boss at the local altar, the highest one in charge.

Even if you have other small gods statues on the altar if you talk to your Jo Si and request help for this and that, your Jo Si will automatically know how to help you better by giving instructions to the smaller gods and have the right god help you on the matter that you need help with. If there are no small gods that are fit for the job, then Jo Si itself will take the responsibility and be the one helping.

How to Choose the Small Gods

After you have your altar set up properly, you would want more statues and small gods. How to decide which one you should get first?

One best way to decide is to consult me directly!

Another way is to see what kind of problems you have and what you need help with the most. After you have figured this out, ask me to suggest one for you because you don’t know the gods enough to make the decision anyway.  Don’t be stuck to what you FEEL like because your knowledge is not enough; you don’t know about these gods, so you cannot just trust your feelings or else you will be stuck to some common choices all the time. It’s like going to a restaurant, and you don’t know what food they serve, then you tell the waiter to give you some recommendations to try, don’t try to be a pro yourself and start analyzing things. Let the professional handle it for you!

Which One is More Powerful?

Every god is like a new character in a game for you; they all start from a basic level and get more powerful when you invest in them. The investments of HEART – with your FAITH. It’s not the god that is powerful to start with; it is you who makes it powerful by putting in your effort. It’s like building up your character in a game, everyone can start a character themselves, but the one who grinds and puts more time and effort into it will get more powerful. It’s the same idea with gods and statues.

Faith means to believe without questioning or need of evidence or proof. Like faith to a child, you have never seen the child do something before, but you believe he can do it. That’s faith. You have to be like a blind believer to have faith. Every religion is the same with this concept; faith is the investment you put into your god. If you believe it will help you, keep asking for help, worshiping and investing in it. Don’t give up! If you have faith in the gods, then no matter whether big or small gods they will be powerful and effective for you. Many people fall into a stage where they just daily know to burn incense at the altar robotically, but they forget that having faith in the gods also means you need to acknowledge them, know them, and talk to them. Just like a human being, you need to talk to know each other. Let god know about you, ask for help, and show feedback.

It is not about “which one” is more powerful; YOU make the god powerful. It is like saying which martial arts style is more powerful, which isn’t right. Every style of martial art can be powerful if you spend the time to train and learn well. A good style can be crappy if you only do it once a month. Nothing in this world is given, you have to build it, earn it, and eventually, you will have it.

Don't shop for statues yet if you are thinking about starting your altar and getting statues. Talk to me and ask me for help. Let me know your situation, what’s on your mind, and what kind of help you need. I would be able to get you started and choose the best setup for you. Your job is to build it and invest your faith in it; then, the gods will be powerful and helpful to you. Want to talk face to face on zoom? Feel free to consult!