Sky Emperor 天皇大帝

Suppose you are working to become a successful Taoist who can travel to the Taoist heaven (Daai Law Tin) after this life. In that case, you must read about this important god in our lineage, the Sky Emperor, Tian Hwong Daai Di 天皇大帝. This article is for our disciples to learn about this most overlooked but high-level god in the lineage.

There is the celestial court (Tin Ting 天庭) and a higher one called the Sun Ting 神庭. The Sky Emperor is the authority that guards the way between the two. If anything goes wrong in the Celestial Court, this god will kick in with his power to bring things back to order. However, you might not realize how this god relates to you or the human. Keep reading; this article will blow your mind.

There is a book to learn his prayer and fu heads - check out the book.

The Taoist Journey

When we say we are “cultivating” as a Taoist, or in Chinese 修行, we mean that we are doing things to prepare ourselves for the “trip.” This trip means the journey after this life, going to our destination, which we call the Taoist heaven, Daai Law Tin 大羅天. Our goal is to be going there with all the memories and things we can keep from this life, not being “born” there again like a new baby with no memory of their own.

However, it is not easy! Many people might end up not being able to get there too. However, you might end up in the celestial court, working to earn your credit and waiting for your time to go. If you cannot even make it to the celestial court, then you might be residing inside the altar of a senior or your master, cultivating in that altar until you can be qualified to work in the court. It’s not going to be “fun,” but at least you are still working toward that goal.

Power of the Sky Emperor

As you can see, we have two courts, the Sun Ting is the highest in the Taoist’s heaven side, and the celestial court is more on the human world’s end. To go to the Taoist heaven “Daai Law Tin,” one must pass the exam in between, which is held and judged by the Sky Emperor. In short, if the Sky Emperor doesn’t like you or feel that you qualify, you will not be able to make your way to Daai Law Tin, which means you will not be able to go to the Taoist heaven.

Making your way to heaven seems hard enough, but that’s not it. Being able to go to their world doesn’t mean you will have a good life. How your life will be in that world is judged by how you have been as a Taoist. Your credit shows how much you have committed and invested toward the Tao; then, it determines how your life should be when you arrive at the Taoist heaven. For example, if you have been working for the court and always been very loyal to the court, the Sky Emperor will see that you have been doing great, and it will grant you a good life, to begin with, in the heaven world. Just like some people are born into better families and grow up not having to worry about anything, others are always hungry and starving every day. Some people might get a job in heaven immediately and be all set, while others might be clueless, jobless and suffering through panic and poverty. Who knows how your life will be later? It depends on how the Sky Emperor sees you and decides your future. He is the final judge who can change your future even if you can go to the Taoist heaven. You want to go there, be prepared, and start a GOOD life!

The Lords of the Gods

We talked about the celestial court and how the gods are all there like it’s their office. However, the higher court, Sun Ting, has what we call the Lords of the Gods, Sin Juan 神尊, who provide things for the celestial court whenever needed. The celestial court is what the lineage holds, so if the lineage doesn’t have something, it will need to request that from the court above.  For example, the lineage doesn’t have spells and magic in English, and you wish this could be possible one day. You can try talking to the Sky Emperor and presenting your ideas and request. If the idea gets approved, the court above (Sun Ting) will make it happen for the celestial court.

This is the power of a LIVE lineage, which allows them to have countless resources coming down from the other world instead of just being limited to a historical collection of resources. The Sky Emperor is the bridge for you to convey your message to the highest court, and so if you have a message you want to send to the lords of the gods above, you can always submit a letter to the Sky Emperor to present your ideas or relay your messages.

Asking for Help

We might need to do better, and we might also be breaking some rules without even knowing. However, if your heart is set and determined to go to the Taoist’s heaven at the end, then you should start doing your prayers and such toward the Sky Emperor. Ask him to give you the light, guidance and power to make this goal possible. Even if you are not good now, you can still rely on his power to help you improve and guide you in the right direction. Ask him how you could do better, what to focus on at the moment or even ask him to help you see your flaws and mistakes. Be open-minded, and ask for help! If you care for your trip after this life, then the Sky Emperor matters a LOT to you.

Trust, faith and determination are the three essential elements of a Taoist’s success. Keep pushing; we will see you in the Taoist heaven by then!  If you are not yet in our family, feel free to ordain today and start cultivating your Tao!