Altar and Power Level

23 March, 2023

Learn about the TYHQ and how much perks you can get out of this system, how much is being opened to you and the good side of having such a powerful system for magic.

Three Mountains of TYHQ

22 March, 2023

Learn about TYHQ, the structure of the magical spiritual altar that holds three palaces which takes care of our lineage's power network and how the Tao flows to us.

Spells Creation 101

14 March, 2023

Blowing your mind the third time, teaching you how to create your own spell and magic with your altar and the god at home, it is super practical and this is not a joke.

Divination For Dummies

14 March, 2023

Divination is very simple and very easy to do, if you understand the concept then you can make it very personal and customize it to your very personal way of communicating with the gods.

Daily Rite's Secret Power

11 March, 2023

A special post for our disciples on the daily rite, revealing some secret powers and mindsets you should know as a disciple to level up your cultivation and not waste your time.