Religious Court TYHQ and Three Palaces

Saam Law Jo Si stays in the TYHQ (Tin Yat Headquarters Altar 天一總壇) at the top of the center peak as the leader.

The three main palaces in the Religious Courts are the homes of the other 9 main gods. Palace 宮 is the "home" of the gods. In another post, you will learn about the "halls" 殿 which is the meeting place for work to be done.

Tin Yat Palace 天一宮 is at the center peak’s lower level with Bagwa Jo Si, Gum Lung Sin Si and Jee Lung Sin Si inside. This is also where Tin Yat Stage disciples would live after they died. HS3 connects to this palace for power.

Saam Law Palace 三羅宮 is at the left peak with Daai Law Jo Si, Tin Law Jo Si and Dei Law Jo Si inside. Tin is also the area where Saam Law Stage disciples would live after they died; it is the main urban area of this world. HS2 connects to this palace for power.

Sun Lung Palace 神龍宮 is at the right peak with Sun Lung Jo Si, Baak Hork Sin Si and Ng Lui Sin Si Inside. This is also where the Sun Lung Stage Taoist Priest and Priestess would live after they die, like the “city” area where people live when they get a job. Living standard is higher too, just like living in the business area. HS4 and HS5 connect to this palace for power.

Altogether these are the ten main gods you should always remember because they are the core powers of the lineage.