Religious Court Palaces and Magic Work

The practical side of the Religious Court for newbies is that you will use this court to do your magic work. From heart spells to the chick spells (Sanctification Spells) and hoi gwong spells (Consecration Spells). Knowing the relationship between the palace and your magic powers would help you understand which spell to use.

Tin Yat Palace is for worshipping related things. The Doe Ging Si Stamp is used to represent this palace. This palace is accessible for disciples to worship the gods. However, you could only use its power at the Sun Lung stage with HS3 for magic, such as the consecration of statues. However, with the master spell and the right outfit, one could enter this palace to visit Bagwa Jo Si and find the other gods for worshiping and celebrating their anniversaries.

Saam Law Palace is for your everyday life matters and cultivation-related things. Most FUs could be chick’d with this power. The Saam Law Stamp is used to represent this palace. Most magical tools are sanctified (chick’d) with the power of this palace.

Sun Lung Palace is for the military powers, which you can relate to exorcism and magic battles. The Minister Stamp is used to represent this palace. You will not access this palace until you are in Sun Lung Stage. The weapons and military-related magical tools are sanctified here. (swords, knives, flags, exorcism FUs)


Sanctification = Chick 勅 = bond the power of this power to the subject.

Consecration = Hoi Gwong = expose the subject to this power to be seen and get approval.

When we sanctify a FU, it must go through the sanctification spells to authorize the powers, then hoi gwong to the corresponding palace to get the gods to witness and approve the powers.