Religious Court and Tin Yat Godly Mountain

The Religious Court is a place that we will be interacting with all the time as a disciple in the lineage. Our magic powers come from this court; it is also where we would go after we die. Therefore, you must know this court to know how to use the heart spells corresponding to the different magical powers.

The Religious Court resides on a huge mountain named Tin Yat Godly Mountain 天一神山 (Tian Ya Sin Saan). It is located in the spiritual dimension, in a place that is between our atmosphere and the moon. It’s not far from us and closer than your Yuen sun. Therefore, the gods can easily guide you into the mountain when you die.

Since this is in the "D6" spiritual dimension, there is no distance restriction. You can "flash" yourself to anywhere in the mountain without physically travelling to waste time and energy.

The mountain consists of three main peaks with their corresponding palace inside.

The center peak is called the Sky Piercing Peak, Tung Tin Fung 通天峰 (Tong Tian Fong), because it is the tallest. This peak has a smaller sub-peak about halfway down the mountain; it holds the Tin Yat Palace.

The left peak is the Jade Brush Peak, Yuk Butt Fung 玉筆峰 (Yioh Bia Fong).

The right peak is the Godly Sword Peak, Sun GIm Fung 神劍峰 (Sin Gim Fong).

The Religious Court connects to the Celestial Court above and our altars in this world below. It also connects to our “ghost altars, " explained in the “moon article.”

Whenever we use the master spell 總咒, we are connected to the TYHQ (Tin Yat Headquarters Altar) at the center peak, which is the main power of the whole system. When we open our altar and add this spell, the Religious Court witnesses the whole ceremony.

With the RC God Invoking Spell, we can also “walk into the mountain” spiritually and step into the palace to do our ceremonies and cultivations, which you will learn later.