Religious Court Guardians

There are seven guardians around the Tin Yat Godly Mountain to protect and ensure all the magical power is always strong. You can also invoke the guardian’s power to empower your magical works!

Remember them in this order because that’s what we go by in the invoking spell!

Top – Green K Lun 青麒麟, secures the pathway from the celestial court above to the religious court. It can also ensure the delivery of the magic power from the religious court to the world we live in right now.

Bottom – Red K Lun 紅麒麟, secures the pathway from the religious court and out to other worlds below it. You can also use this guardian to help you empower the magic that must be launched.

East – Thunder Dragon 雷龍, it energizes and pushes in more essence to make things grow bigger.

South – Fire Pheonix 火鳳, burns and makes things happen in reality, promoting the effectiveness of magic.

West – Wind Tiger 風虎, it empowers the magic for greater effect and more powerful impact.

North – Saam Ching Dragon 三清神龍, boosts the connectivity and channelling powers.

Center – Light Lion 光獅, it helps with alignments, preventing things from going the wrong way or the powers from “acting up” and going weird.

These guardians are responsible for their directions, but they also connect to the “Ground Altar” in the TYHQ area as mentioned in another post.  These are spiritual guardians, and you would not see them showing up on ordinary days, because they are all hidden in their own dimensions. However, their powers will be there and affect the whole world in the religious court as long as they exist and stay in their spot. When threats appear, they will show up to deal with the threats in emergencies.