4 Altars, 3 Institutions, 24 Ministries

The Religious Court’s highest peak in the center, within TYHQ, there is a system of four altars, three institutions and twenty-four ministries 四壇三省二十四部 which manage the system and handles all the TYHQ’s work. Every institution host eight ministries. These altars are all at the same place inside TYHQ.

Four Altars 四壇

總壇 HQ Altar – Worship Saam Law Jo Si, controls the whole Religious Court system

天壇 Sky Altar – Worship and communicate with Celestial Court, Saam Ching is the main god in this altar.

地壇 Ground Altar – Worship the 7 main guardians of the RC, communicate with the altars in the human world

仙壇 Immortal Altar – Connects and communicates with the Yuen Sun of the people living in the world inside the Religious Court.

Institution and Ministries

天官省 Institution of Sky Emperor- It ensures the overall operation of the world in Tin Yat Mountain, as well as the fortune of the disciples.

戶部 Ministry of Finance, handles the wealth of the system

禮部 Ministry of Etiquette, ensures the quality and standard of etiquette and rules to obey

刑部 Ministry of Justice, the judgement of right and wrongs

吏部 Ministry of Personal, assigning jobs and missions

工部 Ministry of Works, management of projects to work on

兵部 Ministry of Military, management of the army

雷部 Ministry of Thunder, management of the magic power

仙部 Ministry of Immortals, management of the residency in RC.

地官省 Institution of Ground Emperor – It judges the disciple’s progress and quality.

 心法部 Ministry of Heart, the judgement of faith and mindsets

經法部 Ministry of Scriptures, the judgement of experience and understanding of knowledge

律法部 Ministry of Doctrines, judgement according to the commandments and rules

符法部 Ministry of FU, the judgement of the FU skills

法咒部 Ministry of Spells, the judgement of the spells

法寶部 Ministry of Treasures, the judgement of the magical tools and treasures

法事部 Ministry of Rituals, the judgement of the rituals and ceremonies

法壇部 Ministry of Altars, the judgement of the altar

水官省 Institution of Water Emperor- It calculates the final help or punishments a disciple should have.

本命部 Ministry of Life – working with the changing of original life patterns or assessing the Yuen Sun

道緣部 Ministry of Taoist Connection – working with things related to connections with people, the lineage, and the Tao.

積福部 Ministry of Merits – assessment to determine the fortune one can have in the after-death life

功德部 Ministry of Credits – assessment of the good merits done and credits earned.

業報部 Ministry of Debts – assessment of the debt to pay back according to penalty and punishments.

懺罪部 Ministry of Repenting – assessment of the repenting submitted

消災部 Ministry of Disaster Dissolving – manage how to help the disciple dissolve and handle their disasters.

解難部 Ministry of Problem Solving – manage how to give help for problem-solving and troubleshooting when needed.

The above are things you should know of, because they will also affect your after-death life. Knowing about them lets you get a feel of how the world operates, how TYHQ judges things, etc. We won’t go into too many details about each, cutting down the words and not overwhelming the disciples.