Celestial Court Structure 103

Following the 101 lessons, let’s talk about when you would need to work with the court’s power and the importance of these powers.

The powers in the court are used FOR the TYHQ (lineage) religious court and NOT directly onto the physical world you live in. At the same time, the TYHQ court directly interacts with the world here.

For example, the TT (Tin Ting/Celestial court) provide the army to TYHQ, then TYHQ can deploy the army anywhere, such as your altar at home, then you can use it for a mission.  You will not be taking the armies from the TT level and directly deploying them somewhere; it doesn’t work that way and cannot be done. TT can only directly travel to TYHQ and not anywhere else.

TYHQ has an army too, which means you can use the TYHQ’s army before you try going higher. There is no need to bring out the big missiles if a gun is enough for the job. TT has the bigger powers, which can replenish or empower the ones in TYHQ if needed. For example, if you have done an exorcism case with local altar power, and it didn’t resolve the problem, then you would go into TYHQ for the armies there. If it fails again, you could request TT’s help and reinforcement. Always try the smaller power first because they are fast and easier to use.

Doing a Cheng Sun Ceremony with the TT takes about 30-40 minutes just doing the Cheng Sun alone. The TYHQ level could be about 5-10 minutes. If just the local altar is under 5mins, the case is closed.

As senior disciples, you might be assigned to work for the lineage, such as protecting, empowering or handling attacks on the lineage. When the “lineage” is the subject, we must use TT’s power “on TYHQ.” Imagine TYHQ is the “server PC,” and now the server PC is down or freezing, then you need a higher level PC above it to apply the fix and repairs. TT is the higher level PC above. We can sometimes also bring the case into TYHQ and do a teamwork mission to work on the case by bringing in TT’s power, which would be something that a senior disciple would be doing when handling lethal sorcery attacks that require a team to handle.


As a code for the robes, anything with a tower at the back is mostly called “TT Robes,” which are used to work with TT level and above.

A “golden flower” will be granted to all official TT stage ministers. This golden flower symbolizes the authority given to connect to the court. It is called the Upper Clears Yue Yi Crown 上清如意冠 which allows the person to channel down the power from the TT level and communicate within the TT system.

There are two hats, one is the round hat with a hole in the middle which we call the “Meeting Hat” 混元冠, and another one is a hexagon hat with no holes in the middle, which we called the Hexagon Hat 六角帽—round hat for communication purposes and a hexagon hat for military purposes. They both must combine with the golden flower. If used without the lower, these can also be used at the TYHQ level for communicating with the TT by distance. For example, you can use the round hat to report things or drop a note to the TT level using the white Chill Garn (tablet).

Cloud shoes are also needed to “go into TT.” You cannot use Sup Fong Shoes to travel to TT, which is improper.

Official TT ministers will have two stamps, one with their minister name, which was granted in Sun Lung Stage, and one is the official TT stamp which is used on things that must be authorized by the TT level, such as an official letter submitted to the Tin Ting. The letters going to TT must have both TT stamps – which proves the letter is from a legit minister and authorized by TT. At the same time, it should also have the JO SI stamp to mark where the altar is located (your altar).

Most disciples below Tin Ting Stage would not directly submit their letters to TT. The letters would be directed to the TYHQ instead (even if it is for TT). For letters going to TYHQ, you would need the Saam Law Stamp for Saam Law Palace, the minister name stamp for the Sun Lung Palace, or the Doe Ging Si Stamp for the Tin Yat Palace. On top of that, you need the JO SI stamp to mark where this letter is sent from (your altar).

On top of everything, one rule for the TT level is that ONLY Saamlawnese is allowed for chanting and spells. Nothing else is accepted. Your “personalized” magic is also not accepted as this is the official court; you must go by the lineage’s highest and purest standard. It is a strict and formal zone, which holds the power that only those who can handle it can touch.

If a TT stage minister failed to upkeep their performance and standard, they would be demoted back to Sun Lung stage, and their TT-related tools would be deactivated.  They would have the chance to appeal and beg for mercy by doing something to impress the gods for changing their minds. However, it is up to the gods to say yes or no at the very end.

As the gods have demanded, TT stage disciples must be trained seriously and officially with strict discipline. If they are not ready, don’t allow them to be at this level yet. Lack of discipline and commitment would be a reason for being kicked out of this stage too. Tin Ting stage is about professionalism; just like you are working in a professional field, no lousiness is tolerated. Treat it like it is your professional career or you are out of this zone.

As you can see how useful TYHQ is now because it skips a lot of formality and procedures for most of the disciples, and only the more committed ones would need to learn and get up to this higher level to work for the court above.