Celestial Court Structure 103


In this lesson, we will discuss the utilization of the powers within the celestial court (Tin Ting) and their significance. These powers are employed for the TYHQ (lineage) religious court and have a direct interaction with the physical world. Understanding their purpose and hierarchy is essential for disciples working with the court's authority.

Working with Court Powers:

The powers within the celestial court are primarily utilized for the TYHQ religious court and not directly in the physical world. However, TYHQ can deploy these powers anywhere in the physical world, such as your home altar, for specific missions. It's important to note that armies or powers from the celestial court cannot be directly deployed to physical locations. The celestial court can only travel to TYHQ and not to any other place.

Importance of TYHQ Powers:

TYHQ has its own army and powers that can be used before seeking higher-level assistance. It is advisable to start with the powers available in TYHQ as they are sufficient for many situations. Only if the local altar power or TYHQ powers fail, should one consider requesting assistance and reinforcements from the celestial court. The larger powers of the celestial court can replenish or empower the powers in TYHQ if necessary.

Cheng Sun Ceremony Duration:

Performing a Cheng Sun Ceremony with the celestial court takes approximately 30-40 minutes, focusing solely on the Cheng Sun ritual. In comparison, the TYHQ level ceremony can be completed in 5-10 minutes. If the ceremony at the local altar takes less than 5 minutes, it signifies that the case is closed.

Working for the Lineage:

Senior disciples may be assigned to work for the lineage, which involves tasks such as protection, empowerment, or handling attacks on the lineage. When the "lineage" is the subject, the powers from the celestial court must be applied "on TYHQ." This can be understood by considering TYHQ as a server PC, and if it encounters issues, a higher-level PC, i.e., the celestial court, is needed for repairs and fixes. In certain cases, a teamwork mission involving both TYHQ and the celestial court may be required to handle lethal sorcery attacks.

Authorization and Attire:

To work with the celestial court's powers, specific robes and accessories are required. Robes with a tower at the back are called "TT Robes" and are used to work with the celestial court level and above. Official TT stage ministers are granted a "golden flower," symbolizing their authority to connect with the court. The golden flower is called the Upper Clears Yue Yi Crown, allowing the person to channel power from the celestial court level and communicate within the celestial court system.

Two hats are used in the court: the round hat with a hole in the middle, known as the "Meeting Hat," for communication purposes, and the hexagon hat with no holes in the middle, called the "Hexagon Hat," for military purposes. These hats, along with the golden flower, can also be used at the TYHQ level for distance communication with the celestial court. Cloud shoes are required to travel to the celestial court and Sup Fong Shoes are considered improper for this purpose.

Official TT ministers possess two stamps: one with their minister name, granted in the Sun Lung Stage, and the official TT stamp used for authorized matters at the celestial court level. Letters addressed to the celestial court must bear both TT stamps, indicating that the letter is from a legitimate minister and authorized by the celestial court. Letters intended for TYHQ should also include the relevant stamps for the specific palaces within TYHQ and the JO SI stamp to indicate the altar's location.

Strict Rules and Discipline:

Chanting and spells at the celestial court level must be conducted solely in Saamlawnese. Personalized magic or deviations from the lineage's highest and purest standards are not accepted in the official court. The celestial court operates in a strict and formal zone, holding immense power accessible only to those capable of handling it.

Consequences and Training:

If a TT stage minister fails to maintain their performance and standards, they may be demoted back to the Sun Lung stage, and their TT-related tools would be deactivated. They can appeal and attempt to impress the gods to regain their position, but the final decision rests with the gods. The TT stage requires serious training, official discipline, and a high level of commitment. Lack of discipline or commitment may result in expulsion from this stage. Tin Ting stage should be treated with professionalism, akin to a professional career, as any negligence is not tolerated. Those who reach this level should consider themselves working in a professional field within the celestial court.


TYHQ serves as an intermediary between the celestial court and the physical world, enabling disciples to utilize the powers of the court for specific missions. Understanding the hierarchy and rules within the celestial court is crucial for disciples working with its powers. By adhering to the authorized attire, protocols, and strict discipline, disciples can effectively tap into the powers of the celestial court and carry out their responsibilities within the lineage.