Twenty-Four Courtyards of the Religious Court

There are twenty-four sub-departments or courtyards in the Religious Court. As you have learned before, there are six halls, and every hall has four courtyards connected to them which do the work of that hall.

金龍殿 Golden Dragon Hall

朝天院 Celestial Worshiping Courtyard – Handles everything related to worshipping matters.

都察院 Observation Courtyard – Observation of the disciples/civilians in the lineage, or would be used for judging the wealth/blessings the disciple deserves etc.

天鑒院 Celestial Strategy Courtyard – Manage the plans for the disciples’ future and give guidance if needed.

財神院 God of Wealth Courtyard – Handle the wealth going out of the system to the disciples, like giving out blessings.

紫龍殿 Purple Dragon Hall

天醫院 Celestial Medic Courtyard (Hospital) – Healthcare center, for the people who live in the court’s world, such as civilians or soldiers and workers who got injured.

風火院 Wind and Fire Courtyard (Emergencies) – Like our firefighter, plumbing, and emergency response team.

護法院 Magic Guardian Courtyard – They are the ones to help ensure our magic is effective and working well.

護教院 Lineage Guardian Courtyard – They help the system within the court to operate smoothly and assist the law enforcement inside the system.

天羅殿 Tin Law Hall

天寶院 Celestial Treasure Courtyard (Storage of Treasures) – Handles all the goodies, such as the magic tools, knowledge, etc.

天道院 Celestial Tao Courtyard (Basic Academy) – The school for everyone to learn their basics.

天靈院 Celestial Spiritual Courtyard (Magic learning) – Specialized learning for magic and spiritual art.

天心院 Celestial Heart Courtyard (Wellbeing) – The department that ensures the well-being of everyone living in the court.

地羅殿 Dei Law Hall

仙警院 Immortal Police Station – They serve and protect like the police here.

仙獄院Immortal Jail – A temporary place to contain the people caught by the police and guards and wait for the court to sentence them for penalty or punishments.

仙法院 Immortal Court of Justice – This court gives out the sentence to the criminals.

仙牢院 Immortal Prison – The place where sentenced criminals are placed for correction.

白鶴殿White Crane Hall

仙鶴院 Immortal Crane Courtyard – It handles all the internal communication within the world in the Religious Court world.

神鶴院 Godly Crane Courtyard handles all communication with the celestial court above.

九龍院 Nine Dragon Courtyard – It handles the delivery of outbound magic (going out of the court).

飛龍院 Flying Dragon Courtyard – It handles magic and troops delivery to disciples in PostHeaven.

五雷殿 Five Thunder Hall 

仙官院 Immortal Civic Courtyard – It does the paperwork and backend work for the military force.

神兵院 Celestial Army Courtyard – This is the place that holds the army and gives them training.

驅邪院 Exorcism Courtyard – This is where armies are assigned and dispatched to work.

雷霆院 Thunder and Justice Courtyard – This is the highest court which deals with unforgivable criminals and offenders that needs to be tortured or executed.

If you live in the religious court, you could work in one of these departments.  However, even for those still alive, you can see which department you might submit a letter to for what kind of magic works. This is useful information to know in advance, just in case you need to call for help. For example, if you get into a car accident, you must find the wind and fire courtyard for help; they deal with emergencies!

You need to connect to the hall under the palace to contact the specific courtyard. For example, the wind and fire courtyard is in the Purple Dragon Hall, with the Tin Yat Palace in the center peak. Then you need to use the heart spell HS3 to connect. But you might say, “if I am in an emergency, how can I remember which heart spell for which department?” – that’s right. That is why you have the master spell.  The TYHQ can connect you anywhere. FLASH the spell to reach one specific department, and your words will be heard immediately.