Taoist Feng Shui

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Feng Shui, in its true essence, is about channeling a source of preheaven energy into your space – be it a home, office, or store. This energy aims to unlock and manifest potential in the most positive ways in reality.

Misconceptions in the Market

The general market is flooded with "DIY Feng Shui" solutions, which are often simplistic and ineffective. Such remedies have unfortunately led to Feng Shui being mislabeled as superstitious. However, Taoist Feng Shui, which we practice, is distinctly different from these mainstream beliefs.

Taoist Feng Shui Approach

In Taoist Feng Shui, it's crucial for the master (us) to have a connection to a cultivated source of preheaven energies. When we set up Feng Shui in your property, we're essentially channeling these refined preheaven energies into your space. We distribute them where they're needed most and tailor them to function as you desire. Historically, this process was referred to as "swimming the dragon" (connecting and rerouting energies) and "splitting the gold" (programming energies for specific locations and purposes). These techniques were often kept secret, with masters typically working behind the scenes and leaving only minimal visible elements at the client's location.

You might have heard of the term "Qimendunjia 奇門遁甲," which is one of the ancient way of rerouting and channelling preheaven energies. Our Feng Shui is similar to that, and we do not focus on dead-charts, but actual workings that involves the celestial vision and soul travel abilities to directly assess the spiritual dimension of the property.

Our Feng Shui Service

Like our distance ceremonies, our Feng Shui service is a specialized offering. We encourage you to reach out to us via email to discuss your needs before making a purchase. This way, we can ensure that the service is tailored specifically to your space and objectives, providing you with the most effective and personalized Feng Shui experience.

Ceremony Categories

1. Small Ceremony (under 30 minutes): These ceremonies are typically swift and do not require FU writing. They are designed to provide immediate help and are conducted directly at the altar.

2. Medium Ceremony (30-60 minutes): This category might involve FU writing, catering to more serious cases. The work is also carried out at the altar, with a bit more time allocated to address the complexities of the situation.

3. Big Ceremony (approximately 60-90 minutes): Big ceremonies require FU writing and additional preparatory work. They include invoking the gods to channel power from higher sources, making them suitable for the most severe cases that demand a more intensive approach.

Each ceremony is tailored to the specific needs of the situation, ensuring that the right level of attention and spiritual intervention is provided.

Consultation Prior to Ceremony

We advise discussing your situation with us via email before purchasing a ceremony. In some cases, we might recommend an FU or another solution that's more appropriate for your specific needs. This consultation ensures that you receive the most effective and suitable assistance for your circumstances.

Every ceremony has ONE goal and purpose, and that is why sometimes it requires a few ceremonies to get the whole project completed. We will explain to you in details by email.