Sun Lung Stage - Disciples ONLY (non-refundable)

*Note: This purchase is exclusively for ordained disciples.

Elevating to the Sun Lung Stage opens the door to the full spectrum of the Religious Court's system, including its specialized military forces adept in exorcism and magical combat. This stage empowers you to execute distant magic, sending your FUs and spells to those in need from afar.

But remember, with great power comes significant responsibilities. As a Sun Lung Stage disciple, you're expected to adhere to various principles and commandments, including the Five Virtues, the Ten Commandments, the Sun Lung 10 Good Deeds, and the Eight Must-Knows. You'll have the opportunity to delve into these through our eBooks and exclusive internal podcasts. If you're ready for this level of commitment, we're here to welcome you to take this significant step.

Once you've made your purchase, reach out to Ju Cia Juan on LINE to arrange your distance ceremony on our end. After it's completed, we'll send you an email detailing your new heart spells and other important instructions.

The more you commit to the Tao, the more you'll find the Tao reciprocating with guidance, blessings, and protection. We especially encourage disciples to ascend to this stage to be "battle-ready." Don't delay in preparing yourself; evil doesn't wait for an invitation before striking!