Sun Lung Stage - Disciples ONLY (non-refundable)

Once you have decided that Saam Law is the sole path for you, it's time to conclude and move on to the Sun Lung stage! If you have any questions, ask on LINE!

This is a ceremony, once completed, it is non-refundable. This is an offering to the gods for accepting you into the Sun Lung Stage, and not a purchase for service or product. But you are free to withdraw anytime.

No photo or info is needed, we will use what you have given us in the past when ordaining into Saam Law Stage.

Asking God for Approval

Everyone requested to ordain, please note that we MUST do a divination to ask the god for approval to accept you into the Sun Lung Stage. If god does not allow, we will refund you back 100%. Being able to be a Taoist is not just about money but about your fate with the god as well. To increase your chance to being accepted, we suggest you to read these posts:

- 3 Essentials

- Fate

- Virtues

Sun Lung Stage ordain also will be a ceremony similar to the ordaining for Saam Law Stage as you can see below, but with more work to be done in details. It will for sure be longer than this one shown below. Please take your Sun Lung Stage upgrade seriously.