Distance Ceremonies

Experience the amazing power of spiritual intervention from anywhere in the world with our distance ceremony services. Conducted by Jee Sifu at our HQ altar, these Taoist Magic ceremonies are tailored to address your unique spiritual needs and are available in three flexible options, accommodating various circumstances and budgets.

Read our Ceremonies 101 Guide to learn more about picking the right option for you!

1. Budget Ceremony - $36

Our budget option is a cost-effective choice, perfect for dealing with everyday spiritual matters or for those interested in experiencing our services for the first time. Though this ceremony does not involve work at the altar, it effectively addresses minor issues requiring swift resolution.

2. Small Ceremony - $128

Our Small Ceremony fit the need for most newcomers post-diagnosis. This ceremony involves working at our altar, channeling higher forces to address your spiritual issues more comprehensively.

3. Big Ceremony $868

The Big Ceremony is our most extensive service, designed for serious spiritual challenges such as sorcery attacks or harmful magic. This ceremony includes invoking gods for additional support, providing powerful Fu talismans mailed directly to the client, and our most potent rituals.

Our ceremonies can provide blessings, empowerment, spiritual cleansing, exorcism, curse breaking, and protection against malevolent forces. If you're uncertain of what you require, please email us before placing an order.

How to Request a Ceremony

To request a ceremony, please email us with the following information:

- Your full name.
- A recent photo of yourself.
- If the ceremony is for a specific place, object, or pet, please provide a photo.
- A clear intention: Explain what your problem or request is, the more specific, the better.

The Ceremony Process

The ceremony is performed remotely at our altar. You do not need to be present or engaged during the ceremony. Upon receipt of payment, we schedule the ceremony, conduct it, and then provide you with a report afterward. Further discussions regarding future plans can be conducted via email at no additional cost.

Pricing and Session Information

Please note that the prices listed are for each ceremony session. Some cases may require more than one session. Therefore, we highly recommend contacting Jee Sifu by email to discuss your case before making a payment.