Distance Ceremonies

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Distance magic is exactly what it sounds like – magic performed from a distance. You or the person in need of the ceremony don't need to be present or involved in the process. We handle everything on our end and will inform you once the ceremony is complete. This approach is convenient, eliminating travel and wait times, and is particularly vital in urgent situations like spiritual attacks.

Arranging a Ceremony

To conduct a distance ceremony, we'll need specific details about the individual requiring assistance. This includes their name, date of birth, a photo, and any other relevant information. Reach out directly to me, Jee Sifu, via email to discuss your ceremony needs.

Over the years, we've handled numerous requests for distance ceremonies from international clients. Common requests include exorcism, magical battles, breaking curses and sorcery attacks, as well as home and office exorcism, cleansing, and funerals. But don't hesitate to let us know what you need – we can tailor the ceremony to your specific situation.

Ceremony Scale and FU Talismans

We categorize ceremonies into three sizes – small, medium, and big – based on the amount of power and work involved. The severity of the case determines the level of power needed, which in turn influences the cost. In some instances, a series of ceremonies may be necessary as part of a treatment plan.

For major ceremonies like exorcisms and magical battles, it's often necessary to send FU talismans to the client. These talismans, when required, are included in the ceremony's cost.

Ceremony Time Frame and Process

When arranging a ceremony with us, it's important to know that the time frame includes not just the ceremony itself but also preparation tasks like FU writing. We perform all ceremonies at our altar to ensure they are conducted in the most sacred and effective manner.

Transparency and Recording

To maintain transparency, we record our work in video format. These videos are uploaded to YouTube as unlisted links, ensuring they are accessible only to authorized individuals. This way, you can witness the dedication and detail that goes into each ceremony.

Potential Overtime

Occasionally, unexpected events such as extended FU writing or preparation work might extend the ceremony's duration. Should this happen, we cover any extra costs, so there's no need for concern on your part.

Ceremony Categories

1. Small Ceremony (under 30 minutes): These ceremonies are typically swift and do not require FU writing. They are designed to provide immediate help and are conducted directly at the altar.

2. Medium Ceremony (30-60 minutes): This category might involve FU writing, catering to more serious cases. The work is also carried out at the altar, with a bit more time allocated to address the complexities of the situation.

3. Big Ceremony (approximately 60-90 minutes): Big ceremonies require FU writing and additional preparatory work. They include invoking the gods to channel power from higher sources, making them suitable for the most severe cases that demand a more intensive approach.

Each ceremony is tailored to the specific needs of the situation, ensuring that the right level of attention and spiritual intervention is provided.

Consultation Prior to Ceremony

We advise discussing your situation with us via email before purchasing a ceremony. In some cases, we might recommend an FU or another solution that's more appropriate for your specific needs. This consultation ensures that you receive the most effective and suitable assistance for your circumstances.

Every ceremony has ONE goal and purpose, and that is why sometimes it requires a few ceremonies to get the whole project completed. We will explain to you in details by email.