Basic Worshipping Package


Our basic offering package is designed for everyday worship, similar to how you might visit an altar to burn incense and communicate with the gods. When you opt for this package, we act on your behalf, burning incense at our altar and delivering any message you wish to include. This act is a way of demonstrating your faith and strengthening your bond with the divine. You're welcome to use this service whenever you feel the need, on any day that holds significance for you.

Beyond Basic Offerings

If you feel that the basic package doesn't fully express your devotion, we also offer customized options. These allow for more variety and greater quantities, catering to those who wish to show their appreciation in a more substantial way.

The True Meaning of Monetary Offerings

It's important to understand that offerings involving money are not about the monetary value itself. Instead, they represent the time and energy you've invested in earning that money. When you offer it to the gods, you're essentially offering a piece of yourself – your faith, love, and dedication. The money is merely a vessel that carries these intangible but invaluable gifts to the gods. In this way, every offering is a heartfelt expression of your devotion and respect.