Anniversary Worshipping Package

Thanking the Gods

When you buy this item, you're essentially sending a heartfelt letter to the gods on their anniversaries, akin to a birthday card. This gesture is a way of showing them that you care and is crucial for nurturing a strong relationship with the gods. It ensures that when you seek their assistance in the future, they'll remember your thoughtfulness and be more inclined to help.

Anniversary Celebrations in Our Lineage

In our lineage, we honor the anniversaries of all gods and goddesses on the first day of each lunar month. Those whose anniversaries fall within a particular month are collectively celebrated on the first day of that month. If you purchase this item, your letter will be dedicated to the gods of either the current month or the upcoming month, depending on the timing of your purchase. You can check the lunar calendar or specify a special request in a note to us.

Delivery Options for Your Letter

There are two ways to send your letter to the gods:
1. Ship the Letter to You: We can send you a special letter imbued with magic, which you can then burn at home, symbolically sending it to the divine court yourself.
2. Burn at Our HQ Altar: Alternatively, we can burn the letter for you at our HQ altar. This option is popular among disciples who prefer to avoid the hassle and safety concerns of handling fire themselves.

Symbolic Offering

Alongside your letter, you can include a symbolic offering as a token of gratitude to the gods, particularly if you've received specific help from them. For instance, if a FU talisman from our lineage helped you overcome a significant challenge this month, you can express your thanks through this offering.

Customizing Your Offering

If you feel the need to contribute more, you're welcome to make a customized offering through our other link. This allows you to adjust the amount according to your desire and capacity to give. Remember, these offerings are a way to deepen your connection with the gods and show your appreciation for their guidance and blessings.