Distance Big Ceremonies

We offer ceremonies for exorcism, sorcery and curse busting, relationship harmonizing, or any kind of spiritual cases. Always consult us by e-mail before purchasing. These are big ceremonies which we will only perform after diagnosis is made. There is no need to come in person; we will have all the work done for you by distance after you have provided the information and materials needed for your ceremony. These ceremonies are all done by Jee Sifu at the headquarter altar. Most ceremonies are about 1-2 hours long excluding the prep work such as writing FUs and doing all sorts of setups.

For your information:

Afterdeath (Funeral) Ceremony - requires 7 days of work, so it is 7x ceremonies. Total of $6076.00 with a discount, so $6000+tax. This does not include any burial service which you will have to source locally. We provide the ceremonies to help the dead one transition to their next journey, with healing and recovery done in the middle. There will be a chance that the person would want to ordain too, so they can have a chance of going to the Tao's heaven (Daai Law Tin). (read more)

Exorcism is usually done once, but could be up to three ceremonies in one go depending on the situation and what is needed. For example, one ceremony we work on the person and one ceremony would be working on the house and living space. We will discuss the details in e-mail before any purchases is done.

Magic battles are often done in single or up to 7 ceremonies depending on the case. Again, we will discuss in e-mail after diagnosis before execution. After 7 ceremonies, there is not much chance the case is not finished, unless it's a case that is linked to the past lives issue, which will require the person to get ordained and cultivate.