Wun's Heartfelt Journey: Unveiling the Magic of Saam Law Taoism with Jee Sifu

I began my wondrous journey with Jee Sifu by taking the first step and becoming a disciple within the Tin Yat Lineage, which practices the beautiful religion of Saam Law Taoism. My driving force was to pass on a rich legacy to my family heirs, who are Multiracial Americans (Native, European, African, Asian). I was taken aback by how approachable and kind-hearted Jee Sifu, the Highest Master, was to all of us newcomers. Imagine climbing a mountain; it’s so much easier when you have a guide. Jee Sifu is that guide, making the journey both fun and rewarding as we learn to harness the magic within us. To me, “magic” is opening one's heart to help in boundless ways, and the lineage supports us in doing so.

From day one, I started my daily recitation of heart spells. The divine language of the spells felt magnetic, and I learned how to channel this energy into my wrist beads, like storing power in a battery for my heart. At first, I was puzzled by the idea of mumbling the spell, but as I let go of my rational thinking and followed my heart, my practice grew stronger!

Jee Sifu is a true Taoist Master, and I trust him wholeheartedly. His counsel is rooted in his vast firsthand experience. I also learned how to harness magical power through special symbols and how to call upon the gods of the Bagwa with Fu heads, which are like tickets to communicate with the lineage gods.

Jee Sifu has written extensively and imparts knowledge through Taoist Scripture and oral teachings. The learning opportunities within the lineage are endless and exhilarating. I learned the proper etiquette to greet others in the lineage. Along the way, I faced challenges, but Jee Sifu's encouragement kept me going. His teachings encompass both the theoretical “Munn 文” and practical “Mo 武” aspects, delivered with attention to detail and a dash of humor.

As I delved into the Saam Law Jo Si Fu head, a gateway opened to the mystical primordial realm of the Tao. It felt like a sympathetic resonance, as if the path had been cleared for me. I learned the “Sun Kuet 身訣”, gestures that communicate your heart to the gods of the lineage. This powerful practice harmonizes the heart-mind, body, and soul. Jee Sifu was pragmatic, reminding us to eat before our morning Taoist practices called “Ching-On 請安” and chanting.

We were encouraged to set up a home altar with a “Sun Paai 神牌”, the lineage signage of the gods, to connect all disciples to the gods' powers. Since I live in a mountain home in the USA with limited technology reception, Jee Sifu taught me how to start the day with the salute as if he was right there with me. I offered tea, incense, and food to the lineage gods, and this soon blossomed into a morning and evening ritual of connection and meditation.

Around day 19, it dawned on me that this was a lifelong commitment. The 108-day practice was a pledge of dedication, not an endpoint. I was integrating body protection magic and was authorized to share this with my friends.

By day 36, I had ordained to the Tao with the help of the lineage, and my faith was unwavering. I learned how to send letters to the gods during the new and full moons. The gifts of ordination were profound: a new name, heart-mind spells, and the power of the Fu. My cultivation of magic symbols was growing daily.

On day 84, Jee Sifu activated the altar. After six months, my little brother gifted me statues of the Three Clear Ones, which were authenticated by Jee Sifu. These statues became the abode for the gods that Jee Sifu infused and consecrated, adding to the ever-growing network of lineage altars.

Jee Sifu's immense heart is dedicated to helping all who seek guidance. He generously shares his time and wisdom with the disciples, inspiring our humble cultivation. As a disciple progresses, new heart spells are taught as a way to harness powers, perform magic, and even send magic from afar. Everything is systematic and precise, from the real chi breathing methods to the golden bridge hand signs. Now, as a Sun Lung Taoist Priestess, I can open the altar, create Fu, consecrate, and send help to others.

I am profoundly grateful for the gifts of ordination and am deeply committed, with my heart aligned with the 12 wishes of the lineage. I want to extend special thanks to Tung Sifu for opening the door for me, and the other uppers who have supported me along the way.

Thanks to all the members of the lineage, both senior and junior, for their support along the way! I joyfully follow the Taoist Priest Commandments. May all be inspired by Jee Sifu’s teachings that connect us to the magical gods of the Tao!

I am Wun, a lady from the USA with a big supportive family, and this is my journey in Saam Law Taoism through the Tin Yat Lineage.


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