Victoria Chen's Transformation Through Saam Law Taoism: A Journey to Healing with Jee Sifu and Tin Yat Lineage

As a 21-year-old Taiwanese-American woman named Victoria Chen, I can confidently say that Saam Law Taoism, as taught by Jee Sifu and the Tin Yat Lineage, has been a beacon of hope and transformation in my life.

Growing up, religion was a double-edged sword in my household. My mother was a follower of I Kuan Dao, while my father was devoted to a form of Taoism that revered Guan Yin. The conflicting beliefs led to constant discord within the family, exacerbated by traditional Confucian values that favored males and elders. This toxic mix resulted in a childhood marred by verbal and physical abuse.

My mother bore the brunt of this torment. She was treated like a servant, her freedoms curtailed, and her dignity trampled upon. My father, heavily influenced by Confucian values, was complicit in this mistreatment. His unwavering loyalty to his parents' words, even when they were unjust, meant that he never stood up for my mother.

As a young girl, I felt powerless witnessing the daily torment. I knew it was wrong, but there was little I could do. As I grew older, the abuse began to target me as well. My self-esteem was shattered, and I sought refuge in academic achievements, hoping that excelling in school would somehow fill the void.

At a certain point, when my family was on the brink of collapse, a miracle happened. My father discovered Jee Sifu online. I still remember the relief I felt when, for the first time in years, my parents began to work together on setting up an altar under Jee Sifu's guidance, replacing the Guan Yin altar with one dedicated to Saam Law Taoism. They had initiated into the Tin Yat Lineage and ordained to become Saam Law Taoists, and for the first time, I saw them united.

Jee Sifu introduced us to the true essence of Saam Law Taoism. We learned about the power of magic and the importance of understanding and questioning our practices. Our family was finally able to protect ourselves from negative energies and rebuild the bonds that had been so severely damaged.

One of the most profound changes was in my relationship with my father. Jee Sifu acted as a mediator, helping us understand each other and work through the pain of the past. Through years of dedication, Jee Sifu helped mend our broken relationship. Today, my father and I can share conversations and laughter, something that seemed impossible in the past.

Jee Sifu also helped me regain my self-esteem and find balance in my life. I learned to work hard without being consumed by the pursuit of perfection. My mental and physical health improved, and I found a sense of peace and fulfillment that had been missing for so long.

Words cannot express the depth of my gratitude to Jee Sifu and the Tin Yat Lineage. They saved my family from disintegration and showed us the transformative power of Saam Law Taoism. The magic we learned is not just spells and rituals; it is the magic of healing, understanding, and positive change.

I urge anyone seeking clarity, peace, or a sense of belonging to explore Saam Law Taoism with Jee Sifu and the Tin Yat Lineage. It has been a life-altering journey for me and my family, and it could be for you too.


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