Elizabeth Luk's Transformation Through Saam Law Tao: A Remarkable Spiritual Journey

I am Elizabeth Luk, a Chinese-American working for a logistics company in the United States. My experience with Jee Sifu and the transformation of my family from a state of turmoil to one of harmony has been nothing short of a miracle. Today, I am penning down my journey to express my gratitude and illustrate the power of Saam Law Tao.

As a mother of two young children, I had struggled to manage their inexplicable spiritual encounters - seeing apparitions, conversing with invisible entities, and most terrifyingly, nearly losing my son to a drowning incident during a bath, an event we attributed to a spiritual attack. My background lies in the I Kuan Dao tradition, but I found it incapable of providing solutions to our disturbing predicaments. It was a desperate, helpless time.

Luck led my husband to Jee Sifu's website, where we initiated a conversation through several emails and agreed to proceed with a spiritual diagnosis and exorcism. The aftermath of the exorcism was surprising and relieving; Jee Sifu sent us FU talismans for protection and guided us in using them effectively, such as drinking and bathing in FU-infused water, and securing our home with them. The impact was phenomenal - for several months, there were no further spiritual attacks, and our family life returned to normality.

Feeling encouraged and secure, my entire family began studying the Taoist magic of Saam Law Tao under Jee Sifu. A few months into our practice, we faced a retaliatory spiritual attack, traced back to my husband's family. The most alarming moment was when my son suddenly fainted in the bathtub, reminiscent of the past incident. My husband, equipped with our newfound knowledge, used the Taoist magic and successfully revived our son by drawing a FU in the air and transferring the power into him.

That night, we fought an extended spiritual battle, combating wave after wave of malicious energy. With Jee Sifu's guidance, we successfully defeated the evil forces, restoring peace in our home once again. This experience was an eye-opener, showing us the true power of magic.

I have a newfound respect for Saam Law Tao, seeing it as a practical, powerful solution to our spiritual struggles. Jee Sifu's teachings differ drastically from what I have previously encountered in Asian religions. There are no secrets, no deceit, and no unfounded tales. Instead, it's a path grounded in wisdom, knowledge, and practical magic that truly works.

Today, I express my deepest gratitude for Jee Sifu's guidance and intervention. He has transformed our lives, safeguarding our children, and helping us regain a sense of normalcy. Saam Law Tao, as taught by Jee Sifu, has truly been our beacon of light amidst our darkest times.


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