Taoism FU, Spells, Prayers, and Scriptures

This is a special lesson for our disciples because many people do not realize the importance of these elements, or they are confused about their purpose. We have a spell for this god; why do we need another prayer or a scripture? Here you will learn about the purpose of each element!

A spell for a certain god is like a phone number; it is used to call and connect to the god. With the intention being the “body” of the message. When you change the intention (doing the spell for a different purpose), the spell will call the god and channel down the power from the god for that specific purpose. Let’s say you did a Saam Law Jo Si spell for healing; then you will channel down the power from this god for healing. If you did it for protection, then it will be for protection. The spell itself is like the phone number; it channels the power over for you according to the intention you have in the first place. The intention is why you did something, not when you “keep thinking about it” as you do the spell. “Thinking” is not the intention. Intention comes from the heart; it is a snap moment that sparks. The soul thinks; it is a processing power that is not used to set your magic's focus and purpose. As you can see, the spell “withdraws” from the god.

A prayer (BO GO) is done to send your faith to the gods, boost the god’s power, and invest in the god’s account. The more you do the prayer (faithfully), the more you contribute to god’s pool of power. That translates to the more potential you can get from this god since you have contributed more toward it. If you have a big project or wish to come true, you should do prayers to invest into the god for that purpose and then do magic later to request help. It’s like investing now, so you have fruit later. It’s like you want someone to help you do something; you will first treat them to a meal to boost their heart so they will do better later on. As you can see, prayer will help you “invest” into god’s account instead of withdrawing.

A FU is a request ticket; it submits your request to the gods for help. Let’s say you want god to protect you; then use a protection FU that calls up that god’s power for protection.

A FU HEAD (not a FU) is a symbol of the god that serves as a god’s signature. You can write/sign the FU HEAD on things to mark it “the god’s” so the god can be connected to them. For example, if you want this pen to be the wealth god’s pen, you have to write the wealth god’s fu head over it, then channel down the power using the wealth god’s spell.

A scripture contains the teachings from the gods, but more importantly, it is used to channel down the power for a specific purpose. Instead of just calling one god for help, a scripture often calls up many gods, and it’s like a one-person help versus a big team doing a project together. Cultivating scriptures allows the practitioner to be conditioned in god’s power, which will help them build up the potential for their advancement later on. The more you do the scripture, the more you will likely grow in wisdom and inherit god’s essence later. Scripture is also used as a training tool for you to cultivate the power from the gods who passed down the scripture. It’s like doing a kung fu form, a set routine, which conditions you as you go through the process. Scripture is also done for bigger projects that require bigger power. For example, if you want to fix the Fung Shui energy issue at home, you could have just taped a FU to deal with the problem. However, if the FU is insufficient, you can choose to do a scripture/ritual to have a full-on treatment on the place. It’s like eating a snack versus a full-course meal with bigger power and results. Sometimes scriptures are also done to accumulate god’s power for a certain project/purpose. For example, if we are trying to fix the covid issue for this city, we can do the scripture for a month (daily) and accumulate the power to make it happen more likely.

For disciples, you should always do PRAYERs on the god’s anniversary to contribute to the god. You should also learn the god’s SPELL to know how to channel down their power. You should also learn their FU HEAD to be able to mark things for the god so that the power can be deployed to the subject. Want to make a big wish happen, and it’s not happening yet?  Do more prayers and scripture, and accumulate the power in that god’s name, then you will have more chance of making it happen later when you do the magic (FU) to release the power.

Think of gods like they are accounts. If you want to get the power from those accounts, you need to invest and contribute to get a bigger % out of it. The normal disciple can get some power when they call the god up, but it’s a minimal amount since you have not contributed or cultivated anything into it yet. Doing prayer is important, but do not forget to give the actual offerings and build a REAL relationship with god too. The gods are not robots; you need to impress them for them to be HAPPY, and your prayers are WORKING.

Here is something you need to know about prayers; they can be done the default way, and you can also make up new prayers in your language (any language). The key point is that it needs to praise god with your true heart. If your prayer does the job, then it can be used. However, if you chant the default prayer, it’s always the best and should always be done in Saamlawnese (the dialect we use). It shows the gods that you are “alike” and “on the same boat” with them because you “speak the same language and dialect” they use.

If you ever wonder how could the god hear you when you say the prayers, this is the key answer, your heart spells. If you have done it in front of your altar or use the heart spell first, then the prayers will be able to connect to the gods for sure. Remember that you DO NOT need an altar to connect to the gods because you have HEART SPELLS when you ordain. Keep that in mind; USE them more!  Visit and revisit the treasure page for goodies!