Lunar a.k.a. Chinese New Year: how to shape your luck for the year ahead

The Chinese New Year is also the Lunar New Year.

This new year reflects on your relationship with your own Yuen Sun, your spiritual planetary body.

As Taoists, we know there are “traditions” passed down from the cultural side. But they sound like just a bunch of myths, superstitions and made-up-stuff put together… until the wisdom of Taoism kicks in and puts all the pieces of the puzzle together!

Here is the ultimate guide of what to do for each day of the new year (which actually lasts the whole month), to get you a strong start for the year.

What you do in this very special month will affect your luck for the whole year.

Think of it like a "mini-year" itself: do it well, stay positive and happy, and the rest of the year shall go a lot smoother.

Who doesn’t want that?

So let’s begin and learn about it!

Day 1:  Open altar and connect back to the pre-heaven side - the Celestial Court - to welcome the gods in again.

This is also the day when your Yuen Sun is connecting to you like it's a fresh start: make sure you sleep before 11pm to get a good connection.

Then, throughout the day, stay happy and positive, and remember to EAT WELL!

Your Yuen Sun collects your energy during your sleep hours, so your emotional + physical wellbeing during the day matter!

Day 2: Opening for business to welcome in guests, but also a good time to boost your luck to welcome potentials to flow down from your Yuen Sun.

This is the day where you should list out your goals, desires, and the wish/want list for the year. Let the gods and your Yuen Sun know about your desires!

Day 3: Stay home, and worship the kitchen god.

This is a great day to save up some money, and also work on storages, do research and get inspiration for things you want to do this year.

A research and snacking day!

Day 4: Boost academic luck, and overall good luck for studying, learning, thinking, and creativity.

It’s also a good day to “install” things, such as putting in new furniture, new software for the pc, planting down things that you will use later, or even listening to lectures, studying and memorizing things.

It’s also a good day to hire people.

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Day 5: Wealth god anniversary = wealth and luck boost!

Today is a great day to work, too.

Not just sit and wait but actually put your hands on some work and let the wealth energy work into your things.

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Day 6: Garbage Day, detoxing day, cleaning toilet, backdoor, or any “exits”, to kick out evils and poverty luck.

It is also a good day to do strategising, planning, and to do final check, QCs, reviewing etc.

Day 7: Human Day, good day to make wishes for what you want to come true this year.

If you have promotions, today is the launch day for those! Go out and actively do your marketing!

It’s also a good day to express yourself and tell people about your feelings.

Day 8: Day when the first batch of energy from your Yuen Sun is coming to reality.

Good to go with the flow and do magic for Wealth channeling and Wealth blossoming.

Day 9: Jade Emperor anniversary, wish for safety, protection and wellness for the year.

Anything you DO NOT WANT to happen this year, tell the gods, and also make wishes, to avoid the bad things this year.

Also a good day to get rid of old problems, lawsuits, fights, and bad things – do magic to help with this matter!

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Day 10: Day of regrouping, gathering, harmonising, being with family, or doing magic to bring harmony between families or businesses.

It’s also a day to focus on teamwork, but also avoid breaking things in the house, especially no drilling holes or constructions!

Finally, speaking of harmony: this is a day to contain everything inside you and not leak out the energy. Be calm, and do not get spiky!

Day 11: Let your ideas be known, let yourself be seen, show off day to earn your attention from the right audience.

A boost with magic for social power is highly recommended!

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Day 12: Mo Choy Sun Wealth deity day, good day for investment, spending, and doing things for some fruits to come back!

Make sure you worship Mo Choy Sun for some extra help.

Day 13: A day to socialize and establish new connections.

Do magic to boost your interpersonal luck and secure your career luck for the year.

If you are working online, it’s a great day for influencers to spread their ideas around and inspire people too!

Day 14: Gifting Day!

Instead of buying things to put in your house, it’s a good day to gift and put things into other’s house.

Also a good day to let people know of ideas you have in mind, or to convince people of your ideas.

Day 15: End of new year, washroom god worshiping, good for wishing about relationship, love, and harmony.

This will also be the day for Taoist to do their first Chut Saat ceremony, releasing their altar’s power to let it shine all around the house, pushing out any negatives and evil for the year to begin.

From here on, just focus on keeping your life positive and happy until the end of the month.

Remember: these 2 weeks are for shaping a pattern for the rest of the year, like setting a base-graph for the luck later on.

Keeping yourself as positive as you can is the way to go, so learn to “eat dead cat” – meaning, you should contain everything inside and not vent out your anger or frustrations until after the month is over.

Chinese New Year 2022 starts on February 1st! 

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