Food Offering to Upper in Taoism

Food offerings to the gods was explained before, but what about offering food to your uppers when you are approved. For example, my senior disciples who are in the upper level will send their food offerings to me from time to time. What does it mean and what effect does it have on the disciple? In this article you will learn about this topic on top of the ordinary “give back” method.

Life Bonding

We all know that “family should eat together on the same table” as a tradition, and everyone will and should try to meet up at least once a day to eat together on the same table – but why?

Eating is a way to consume elements from this world, and what you are consuming when eating together – is not just the food, but the energy too. By seeing, you absorb the light. By talking, you absorb the energy. By interacting, you absorb the feelings into the heart. During a family meal, you are mixing the energy of each other on the dining table, and then consuming it into yourself, mixing the soul energy, which is a form of harmonizing.

When we sleep, the energy inside goes into the heart and back to the Yuen Sun (spiritual planetary body). This process allows the relatives’ energy to also go into the Yuen Sun too. Everyone energy is mixing in the preheaven, which means their life force is getting to know each other, connecting to each other, and equalizing with each other. As family, whatever the son lacks in his life, the Yuen Sun of the parents will make up for it and give him the potentials he needs. If the parents are facing difficult times, the children’s Yuen Sun can also give support to help the parents pull through the hurdle and hardships. It’s a natural way to do “harmonizing magic”. Sounds very simple but it doesn’t work if you are ”just” eating.

You need to interact with each other, you need to have a happy and positive environment, you need to talk and not just look at each other like they are a statue. Many people are eating with their phone these days, and don’t interact or talk to the people around you. Phones are fine, just don’t ignore the people around. The world in your phone can also be part of the meal, just don’t isolate yourself out of the dining session!

So how does this work with the food offerings from disciples to me? We don’t live together, so we cannot eat on the same table. However, because they are buying the food through ubereat or something like that. It’s their wealth (which contains their time, energy and heart) that is being contained in the food. When we eat the food (since we don’t pay for it) it’s the time, energy and heart that goes into us. We are consuming their soul energy and their heart energy. By doing so, it’s also consuming their energies and putting it into our Yuen Sun too. They don’t get anything from us, but because we have got their energies into our Yuen Sun, our life force will flow to them as a give back. That allows them to have our preheaven energies from the Yuen Sun – which includes the potentials that help them grow in their Tao learning path, have better vision in life, and also to be protected and saved from the hurdles when they face them.

Magic Power

When the magic power flows from the celestial court to us in the headquarter, it also goes through our Yuen Sun too. Because we have the disciple’s energy in the Yuen Sun, that means when the disciple call for the powers with their heart spells and such, our Yuen Sun will become their “satellite” dish which helps them bounces off the signal and ensure their connectivity and channeling powers. The more we eat their food offerings, the more energy they have in our Yuen Sun, the stronger this effect will be.

However, just like we say before, it doesn’t work JUST by you giving me food and I eat them. There is also a requirement for this. The disciple must be truthfully giving, wanting to give, and happy about giving, plus they need to have genuine and full trust and faith in us and the Tao. If the heart isn’t truthful, everything done is worthless, because it’s just like the google robot saving “I love you”, there is no feeling, it’s not real, and it won’t work.


Some Exceptions

For some disciples, I won’t eat their food, because I don’t want to “absorb their negatives” for them. There were times when I worked at the local temple and many people buy food offerings over. I have had my lesson learned. Some people just have super negative energies, and then after we ate them – since we are super sensitive, we will feel fatigue and sometimes kick in a strong headache and such, it is awful. So, to avoid being “attacked”, we will only eat the food from disciples we accepted and is okay with their energy.  For those who are still new, they will have to either ask before sending, or just go with the normal method using money.

Just a fun term, we call these "food upload" in our lineage! If you want to also try doing it for fun, you can ask your uppers if you can get an approval too. Usually, we would have you send the money to a Sifu and the Sifu will order for you since they have the address and account all setup!


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