8 Ways of Exorcism

Taoist Magic is a very powerful and professional subject that deals with exorcism very sophisticatedly. It’s not like you just need one spell or magic to “exorcise” the evil, nor it is just to keep praying for help until it works. No, not like that at all. In this article, I will introduce the eight main ways of exorcism for everyone to get a feel of what exorcism is like. Mind you that this is just an appetizer, but it could already be too much for ordinary people.

破 Break

All evil energy, magic or spirits are formless in our world, so they need to be contained in something solid—for example, an object, a person, or even a piece of paper. Once the form is destroyed, the evil will have to go. Imagine your tire is full of air (evil); what happens when you pop the tires? If an object has an evil spirit or energy, you can choose to break it, but don’t be stupid and break it in the wrong place. Breaking needs to be done wisely and carefully. For example, you don’t want to break a stink bomb in your bedroom or a grenade in your backyard. If you have no magic power, the best way to break the object is to trash it, and so the object is being contained, carried and dumped, it will break when you are not around it. That way, it cannot find its way back to you anymore!

I have seen stupid people doing this – the person found a cursed paper, and she immediately just ripped it in front of her working table. Enjoy all the evil energy just released, and now it’s EVERYWHERE. Imagine a stink bomb.

滅 Exterminate

Every evil spirit or magic is powered by something that gives them firepower. When you exterminate them, you are putting off their flames, making them unable to do what they want. It’s like you see something using their hand to hurt people; you exterminate them by chopping their hands off and not tying them up. By exterminating, you will not let them have any way of reconnecting the power source.

One of the methods to exterminate without magic power is by using fire and burning things and destroying things in flames. However, if you set a rat on fire, the rat can still run around and light your house up. You need to cage and control it to burn them without getting yourself a nightmare. Normal flame works, but it doesn’t work on higher-power spirits. Therefore, you need the MAGIC flames that are cultivated.

消 Weaken

Weakening is like degassing or starving; it reduces and removes the evil’s power and makes them weaker. You can let the evils vent their power on the wrong subject and trick it into wasting all their energy. For example, some sorcery will make a representative of the victim and then have the evil spirit kill the representative (a piece of paper or a doll). The representative takes the hit; the real person is saved. The evils used up their power but on the fake victim instead.

除 Remove

Evils are tricky, they can get into your body, and you cannot just dump yourself at the garbage station to get rid of the evils. Therefore, you have to remove it from your body. The best way to do so is to drink FU water, letting the power go into your body and pushing the evils out. However, there must be a place to CAPTURE the evil afterward, or it will just go out and back inside!  This is exactly why the exorcism FU for removing evils must be done with a special symbol to allow the evils to be captured into the altar at the end so that the altar can contain them and neutralize them inside the altar’s system. That is also why you need a strong altar, not just a bare and naked one!

制 Control

Controlling evil is like putting restrictions and tying it up with a rope so it cannot move or is forced to do what you want it to do. To do this, you must have a higher power to suppress and overpower them. To do this, we use the gods and celestial troops to overpower the evils. You must cultivate your army at the altar, or else you have no way to overpower the evils you are facing, then you get controlled instead!

押 Escort

Escorting the evils is similar to control, but this involves the action of pushing the evils to a certain place and removing them. It’s sort of like removing but with force and control simultaneously. In our lunar 15th ceremony, we do this escorting method to capture all the evils and negatives inside the house and push them into the altar to be neutralized. Escorting is done with the celestial troop, which needs to be trained and cultivated over time.

解 Release

Evils are sticking to you because there is a connection; if you can chop the connection off, the evil is released, and there will be no more connection to tangle you and the evils together. Imagine this; you are bothered by a loud beeping sound because someone outside the car is trying to beep you with their horn non-stop. The beeping will continue if you keep trying to attack the car. However, if you untie the connection between you and the beeping car, the beeping will stop. What is making the car beep? The person inside it. Remove the person away from the car then the beeping stops.  In the world of magic, some people do a “setup” to cast a spell on someone, and they will not discard the formation until the treatment is over. If the formation is still up and running, the curse will keep beaming things over to the victim. If you keep helping the victim to bust the evil things on them, it won’t work. Evils will keep coming. To stop it, you must soul travel to break the setup on the sorcerer’s end and then everything will stop immediately. Doing this is not easy; sometimes, you will fight the evil god at the sorcerer’s altar and end up in big magic warfare, which I have been doing for over 20+ years.

化 Dissolve

Dissolving can be done to obstructive energies and negative energies. This is done using the purification method to use a cultivated, pure, positive form of energy to splash on the negatives. After the energy meets, the harmful things will become neutralized, and then the evil is dissolved. Dissolving can also be done by grinding the evil with scriptures and chanting; it’s a progressive and penetrative method that can deal with stubborn and tough evil things that have been there for a long time. The more rooted and stubborn the evil is, the more you need to dissolve it before you can remove them away.

Do you have a case? Need help with a spiritual problem or exorcism? Contact us and get help right away. I have been working as an exorcist for over 20+ years already. If you want real help, this is your final stop!