PRIZE Amount: 118,580.91 SAP


*Min. buy three tickets or more



Blessing the world, have fun with the faithful ones!

To further let the faithful disciples be able to learn and have a chance to super-boost their progress, the gods have opened up an exciting new game for the lineage – SAPPOT 財神金!

The game is open for any disciples to participate. To play, go to our website and get tickets! Results will be posted on LINE!

After your ticket is purchased, Jee Si Gung will do a video-recorded SAPPOT session. The session will include:

  1. The gods will be acknowledged, then the session begins.
  2. Jee Si Gung will announce the person who bought the ticket and the current winning number.
  3. A cheem will be shaken out of the tube for each ticket (one cheem per ticket).
  4. Every three tickets belong to one group; a 7MQ (red moon cup) toss will be tossed for the group if there is a winning number.
  5. If the cup is Yang or St, the numbers will be approved, which means if the number win, you will get the prize. If Yin, the numbers will not count even if they win.
  6. If you have bought “encore,” you will get a second toss (if Yin) to get a better chance for the cheem that has won the numbers.

The above process will repeat until the tickets are all done, then the video will be posted on LINE.

  • If you win one number in a group of 3 cheem(s), you will get 10% of the pool of SAP from Money God.
  • If you win two numbers in a group of 3 cheem(s), you will get 50% of the pool of SAP from Money God.
  • If you win all three numbers in a group of 3 cheem(s), you will get 100% of the pool of SAP from Money God.

SAP points will be transferred to the disciple’s Bankaroo account. If the disciple doesn’t have an account, the SAPPOT points will be converted to a store coupon instead.

SAP points can be used to purchase anything on our website except for third-party products or services. (Printify products, incense, and other items from other vendors). One of the best ways to use the SAP point is to save it up and accumulate enough for a full consecration of a statue or a big ceremony. Sometimes a disciple might need a big ceremony; this would be a huge support!

Bonus from Money God

The cheem’s number for your ticket represents a connection from the god to you. Therefore, you can write the number down on a piece of paper and save the paper up in a box. As you accumulate the papers over time, you might have a special time when you need a boost or support at the back for something big or serious. For example, you are going to a job interview. You can then take out all the papers and trash them out to release the energy accumulated in the box for the goal you need to achieve. This will let you utilize the power of the gods from SAPPOT to give you a boost!