OLD NUMBER 22, 159, 56

(Won by Tin Junn on Jun 25)

WINNING NUMBER - 96, 63,148

PRIZE Amount: 167, 408.75  SAP

What is SAPPOT

See all SAPPOT Documents HERE

SAPPOT 168, is a fun lottery game we held within the lineage. Anyone in Saam Law Stage and above can participate and have a chance to win the jackpot.

SAP points are in 100:1 ratio when converted to CAD$, that means a if you win the prize of 388,888 SAP you will be getting $3,888.88 CAD value store coupon/credit as a prize. The disciple can use this on anything from FUs to ceremonies and services on our website, but not for anything that is from third party vendor like the Printify products or incense and pots etc.

There are expensive ceremonies that one might need, such as the statue consecration or a big exorcism etc. Maybe you will also need a set of altar FU and such. If you win the SAPPOT prize, you can use it to help you achieve these goals! 

You will get 3 number for each ticket. You can buy multiple tickets to get more chance too.

If your have 1 Number matching the winner #, you get 10% of the pot.

2 Numbers matching is 50% of the pot.

3 Numbers all matching is 100% of the pot.

Winning number will reset/change when there is a winner.

The ticket $ will go into a pool to support the lineage so even you are not a winner you are still doing your part to give-back to the Tao and building your TE credit at the same time.


Disciples, use the link above to buy tickets, but please add the quantities yourself. You must buy 3 or more at once. Anything lower than 3 tickets will not be accepted.
SAP Points are stored in your SAP account if you are in the Sun Lung Practice Stage. For those who do not have an account, you will be just left with the option of instantly using your prize for something right away. OR you can pay for a subscription fee to open an account. (The account is free at Sun Lung Practice Stage).
Click for subscription to rent account $5.99/mo