When You Requested an Exorcism Ceremony

You might wonder how it works with an exorcism ceremony, what is going on and how to ensure that “it works”? This is the one-stop you need to get the most crystal-clear answer.

First, I understand that you have some evil/magic/spiritual attacks that are haunting your life. Something is not right, you tried this and that, and nothing works, which is why you come here for help. Seeing things, hearing things, or being haunted by bad luck feels like you are being bullied by something invisible and yet have no way to fight back. I understand your feelings, and I was once like that being a victim too, so I know how it feels exactly to be in your position.

Exorcism, in our definition, precisely means to remove away the evils. If anything bad and haunting you, we will remove it. Where does it go afterward? Just like we remove the garbage from your house, where does it go? They go to a processing center, like a garbage processing plant. In this case, it’s our altar. We capture the evils and put them into our altar to “process them” so they get dissolved inside the altar, ensuring they are neutralized and cannot harm anyone again. The whole process of this distance exorcism ceremony is like someone coming to your house to remove garbage for you or maybe like the police coming to remove the bad guys from your property. Imagine you have someone breaking into your house and threatening you, then you call the police; how do they help you? They come over, surround the place, capture the bad guys, and then throw them into jail. It’s just like how our magic works too!

What can determine the project’s success rate? It’s often the information that is given. For example, someone gave us the wrong address, then our celestial army arrived at the location and could not find the threats, which meant nothing could be done. If you call someone to come over to capture the rats away, yet you don’t have any rats going on, and it is more like your electricity is having issues, you need an electrician and not pest control. Some people love to self-diagnose and claim that they have this and that problem. Then when we send the army over, there is nothing. Therefore, if you want to ensure the mission will be done well, always start with a diagnosis so we can at least check up on the problem and offer you a plan. We can also go straight into an exorcism after knowing what is going on through an email conversation. However, information such as name, photo, address, etc., must be given. Our gods also need to know where to go, whom to find, etc.

Sometimes people requested an exorcism, and it was done; the evils did get removed – but something came back. That’s normal too. Imagine someone is doing magic on you, and they are sending you stuff today. You felt the impact, we came to remove it, and tomorrow the sorcerer sent another bomb over; of course, that will be another explosion. How to avoid this from happening? Usually, if the evil source is like a non-stop attacking source, we suggest the person have an altar built inside the house because they always need a god inside the house to guard and protect them. Doing the evil removal once or even a few times will not stop the attack from coming in again. However, if a god is there watching, the evils cannot come in like this. If the attack comes back and gets stronger, the best and ultimate solution is that this person should get ordained and then build the altar and learn the magic themselves. When they have the power to fight, any sorcerer will back off and not want to pick on them since they know the risk of being backfired by a whole lineage or sect if they don’t stop. Ordaining is always a really good option for those who are being targeted by evil magic attacks.

For any exorcism ceremony, we also write FU for the person to carry, tape around, drink or even bathe with. These FUs allow the god’s power to be around them and their house so that it will protect them for some time after the exorcism is done. After the pest control, they put up some deterrents to prevent the pest from returning for a second attack.

Some people might have to do a few ceremonies for an exorcism ceremony to clear the case completely. However, we usually suggest no more than three exorcism ceremonies. If you can be attacked that badly, you need to ordain and learn magic to fight back with your own hands, not keep sitting and waiting for others to help you fight.

As you can see, exorcism isn’t like how it was in the movie, where the priest or sorcerer is like directly “fighting” with the evils. It’s more like sending an army to a special operation, and the priest is behind the army, giving out information, instructions, strategy, etc. If you want the exorcism ceremony to work better, you should provide more accurate information. That’s the best thing you can do to help the ceremony to have a better result.

Got a case? Welcome to open a case with us and get the evils out of the way! We are professionals in this field and have been doing this for a long time. As long as you have a legit case, we have your back! 

Bonus – If you are really in need of help and EXTRA HELP, then you should submit your message and information to the gods here as well. To do so, you can go through the free initiation process and then download the ebook that has the Saam Law Jo Si Prayers. Do the prayer there and then talk to tell the god the information yourself. This will be helpful for the gods to have a way to connect to you and channel you the best help possible.