Taoist Magic Essence Consuming and Power Building

Taoist Magic Essence Consuming and Power Building

Taoist Magic Essence Consuming and Power Building

In Taoist magic, we cultivate the magic power by consuming energies from the pre-heaven dimension, and that is done by using a medium (like a tool) to carry the energy essence and so that we can consume it in this world. You can see the physical object, like a FU Talisman, is a container, and we can store some other non-physical things into it, just like the soul goes into a human body, and there goes the final product, a magical product. If you are learning in our lineage, you should definitely pay attention to this article, because it will tell you why you don't get your power build up efficiently, leading to slow progress.   Besides the importance of your “heart”, as explained before, this should be another essential ingredient that you might be missing.

In this physical world, we think that by doing exercises all the time, such as some push-up, sit up and such, you can build muscles and get stronger. In magic, it is very alike, yet you have to see things a little differently.  If you don’t eat food, but you keep doing push up, do you think there will be any muscles coming out?  You won’t even have the energy to do your workout!

Essence, creates energy, and energy can be used to burn off and create power, and power gives birth to new things, such as your muscles. This is exactly the theory of JING, HEI, SUN (JING,QI, SHEN) that we have been talking about all along.

In Taoist magic learning, you do not just do things on your side and expect yourself to develop much power, because what you are doing is just like doing a bunch of push up and such to cultivate on your own. At the same time, what have you consumed that is “new” for your body to use for pushing out energies? Where is your essence, your capital resources for doing all these exercises?


The Taoist Magic Essence – Fu Heads

In Saam Law Sun Gung, you will learn to do “Fu Heads” on your own, which is a good foundation to get you started. But what is important is to know that the Fu heads done by yourself is not the same as the ones done by the masters above you. For example, purchasing a set from our website will get you a set from your Si Gung(s), which is especially done for you, and charged up for you.

These Fu heads look just like a simple symbol, but they are not simple at all. The symbol that you see is just a “container” for the energies that cannot be seen with your eyes. What you put into this container will make a big difference. Drawing the symbol is just like making a clay pot out of clay, it is important to learn how to make a non-leaking pot and a pot that does not crack, but it is nothing if the pot has nothing stored in it! 

When we do the “chick fu” process or ritual, it is when we install things into the FU heads, which is like to put things into the container and fill it up, tune it, program it, and finally will crystalize it into the final product. 

The main point is, consuming the Fu Heads will give you the essential energy “essence” that serves as the foundation and most important “capital resources” for your magic power building. If you do not have these, it is like you have a lot of workout doing but no food intake. You will eventually be doing so much work for nothing later on, because you have not eaten anything before you do the workout, and hence your workout results in zero gains.

For our Taoist disciples in the lineage, it is suggested that you consume at least one FU Heads from the headquarter every month for a healthy foundation for your Taoist magic power. The good disciples will consume more if they are looking for more achievements and gains. The serious disciples who are looking for a good power-up development will consume one set of fu heads from the headquarter every month, along with their own fu heads and dai jee fu etc.

FU Heads done by yourself and by the sifu(s) and si gung above is not the same, because the power that you can pack into the container is not the same, and there are also secret ingredients into the fu head’s bladder (fu bladder) that contains the secret essential activation commands too. The more you learn, the more you know what is beyond the visible work!  It is not that we are holding back and not teaching you all these right from the beginning, it is just that you don’t have the accumulated energy at your altar yet, and you don’t have the foundation to do the work yet, so you will learn step-by-step and accumulate you knowledge as you upgrade your FU Head.

No matter how high you are in the Taoist magic cultivation, you are always going to need the FU Heads or FUs from the headquarter, because you will always need something stronger than yourself to improve, and you cannot eat the energy that equals your own, just like how we fill air tanks.  The same pressure will not make air push over to the other tank, you will need a higher-pressure tank to fill your tank up and equalizes the tanks. In order to get your power “increase”, you must consume the FU Heads and FUs from the above.

Good disciples in our lineage will sometimes get the sifu(s) above to give them some FU Heads or FUs as a bonus reward, or as encouragement too. Behave, learn well, and be proactive. Remember that you are learning Saam Law Sun Gung with your true heart, and you want to demonstrate your dedication in this route. If you just have the intention of learning well in this route, but it’s kept inside, not demonstrated to the surface with real action, then everything is not going to move. You will need to show yourself, and really demonstrate yourself for us to see that you are willing to learn, wanting to success and have the love for this subject. If you are loving it, and you make the sifu(s) happy teaching you, then you might be rewarded by surprise.

Oh right, I forgot to tell you guys, that even the highest level sifu(s) in the lineage ALSO need to purchase FU Heads from the headquarter to keep training and upgrading their own power too. Nothing comes free in this world, and because you have invested your time, energy and resources into this, you will be able to harvest something in the future. Isn’t that what nature is about?  It is a balanced and fair game.