Taoist Magic Power Building

You see that people need to lift weights and do exercise to gain physical power, you see that people need to keep studying and reading things to gain knowledge and be a brainer. What does Taoist do to build their powers and what are the special powers that a Taoist have? In this article we will dig into this topic and get you a clear picture about your path and how to cultivate for these powers. If you are new to Taoism, I suggest you read our Taoism 101 too.


What are the Powers

Taoist have Taoist magic powers. It is the power that we channel from the gods and cultivate them into ourselves. Read up on the alchemy article and you shall know how we consume the FU to build power by using the Taoism FU and altar.

With this magic power, we can use it to help ourselves or others to solve their problems in life, and also to defend against spiritual attacks, evil magic attacks, and all sorts of things like that. We can also use the power to help us fight off sickness, bad luck, and even accidents.

Just knowing to ask god for help is not enough, the god’s help is given through the form of magic power, which you have to cultivate it into yourself and then they will manifest into the actual protection and whatever results you wanted.


How to Build

Building up your magic power all start from the root of all things – the heart. It is all about building of trust, faith and determination. Without these 3 elements, your heart is weak, fragile, and unstable.

The heart is the main storage of the magic power in your body. It is like your wallet, or your computer’s CPU plus hard drive. It stores the power and also is where power is managed.

If the heart is weak, it lacks power, then you will feel not confident, easily scared, and the magic power will have trouble going “out” of this storage; like how a child is afraid to go out of the house. Then even you did the magic physically, the powers don’t want to go out; as if you instructed the soldiers to fight and they all act like cowards hiding behind their cars and not want to move up.

If your heart is fragile, you will be easily shattered by external forces. That means evils and attacks can penetrate your heart easily and shatter it. Once the heart is being cracked and shattered, it cannot hold onto any magic power anymore, then it is like a water tank that leaks, or a balloon that is leaking air.

If you heart is unstable, it will have lack of control, leading to your magic power not listening to your instruction properly and not being able to function normally. It is like as if you tell someone to do things, and they just cannot follow your instructions, the outcome is always not what you wanted or intended to be.

To build your heart power, you need to start from trust, then faith, then determination.

To trust more, you need to find physical support. Learn to praise your Tao and lineage, like finding things to tell yourself how great it is, how good it is, how much it has benefited you etc. By doing so, your heart will acknowledge these facts, and then use them as support to build trust.

To be more faithful, you need to learn about what is blind belief. No questioning, no doubt, no skeptic. You have to tell yourself that it will work no matter what. It is a form of investment, when you output faith, this faith energy will convert into the actual spiritual embryo’s power, which later become the god that you pray to.  To build faith, you need to use physical action. Be auspicious to your Tao, and copy what the Tao, or your uppers are doing. Learn to act alike, follow the teachings, and all these “following” and “copying” will lead you to become more faithful.

To be more determined, you need to have restrictions and set limits. First thing is to make a promise or something with the gods and then keep your words. If you fail, punish yourself to get some pain. For example, you are determined to do your homework daily or else you will slap yourself with a ruler 20x. Well, catch yourself when you fail that day, do what you said in the promise, slap yourself 20x with a ruler!  Discipline is the key.

These will work for you even you are not yet a Taoist, it will help you shape yourself to become a better person too. As long as you do not give up, you will see yourself going through your own limits and becoming a stronger person too.

Ordain today to learn more about Taoism and how to use it to improve yourself, upgrade yourself, and become a better person!