Taoism Magic FU Tags for Wearing

Taoism FU(s) are often done on paper, and it is a pain to carry sometimes because they will get damaged physically by sweat, rain, or even tossing it into the washing machine by accident. Now we have a new product that can solve the problem. FU Tags.

These FU Tags are lightweight metal with the design of the FU printed on one side, and the other side is bare metal which you can use a sharpie or a paint pen to write your name on it. The side with a FU can be activated and empowered by us to make it a real FU. You can also be getting a customized FU, such as the Fan Tai Sui FU, and have it infused into the tag by distance. That way the FU is hidden inside this object, and it won’t get the physical damage anymore.

To do this, you just need to get the FU Tag, such as this one, and then request the Activation and Empowerment service. Or, you can be getting the FU Tag and another FU and send us an email with the info and get the “distance fly fu” service to have it combined into one.

These FU Tags are very comfortable to wear, and they can also be tied to luggage, bags, or even your baby or pet because it won’t get damaged even, they are going wild and drooling. You can even wash them!

If you are ordained, you can also activate and chick these FU Tags yourself at your altar. Ask on LINE and you will learn how to do it!