How to Burn a FU Talisman Properly

How to Burn a FU Talisman Properly

How to Burn a FU Talisman properly
Burning a FU Talisman might seem easy, but there are many secrets in Taoism and Taoist magic that is not exposed to the outsiders. When we ship our FUs out, we already did something to the FU talismans to ensure that it will work no matter how you burn or use it. But for our disciples, we will teach them the secrets and how it’s used properly on your own hand, so that they can understand what they should be really doing to have a FU talisman work the way they want, even its without our “insurance” done on the FU itself. In this article, we will be introducing the secrets of burning a FU Talisman and telling you how and why you should be burning a FU talisman like this, for the best results that you want.

Knowing the Yin and Yang

Before you start to know about the different ways to burn a FU talisman, you should know what the Yin and Yang really means. In this case, I will explain the theory in short and simple form using an hourglass as a metaphor.

You can now flip the hourglass over and see the sand dripping down. The top is now the Yang and bottom is Yin.
Yang is like the sky, it is where resources are, but things does not move at this stage until you open up the center “hole” of the hourglass.

In a FU Talisman, this hole of the hourglass is sealed up and not moving, so you need to use the FU to open up that hole. The top of the FU is the Yang section, it holds all the resources and elements etc.

Yin, is like the ground, or even below the ground, and that is where resources are being processed, used up, absorbed, and things happen here. Everything in this area is about doing work, processing, absorbing, and such. It’s all dynamic, moving, and processing here. When you absorb and process, what happens to the elements or resources? They get used up and die out, just like our body consumes the food and we poop.

Great, now that you got the basics, then let’s go into the burning process!

Why Burn the FU Talismans?

The FU Talismans are like containers, the energies, and everything are stored there and not moving on its own, so you can see it like a little jar of oil and water, sitting there for a long time already, so the top half got the oil and bottom got the water, and now it’s not moving and waiting to be used.

When you burn one end, you then set what you want to do with the FU and “start” the engine. A burn will make things disappear here, and so it will appear there!  Yin and Yang theory, just like we mentioned in the “Yuen Sun Secret theory”, you have two sides of the universe, we call it Pre and Post-Heaven. This world got something disappeared, then it will appear in the Pre-Heaven world

We burn the FU here, then the physical container is gone, so the ENERGIES will be then able to release and go into the pre-heaven dimensions and there goes the magic work, energies then got a kick and it will begin to do what the FU instruction have said. In short, you can say it’s like a start button of the FU Talisman too.

However, the methods of how you burn a FU will affect the way it does the work because you can have different ways to start the work too. Just like when I tell you to move, you can move in many different ways too. You can move up, down, left, right, forward or even backward. There are 6 ways to move in general, very simple logic!


Burning a FU Talisman

To Burn a FU Talisman properly, you have to fold the Fu talisman in half vertically to give it a “line” of transmission to the other side, just like the hourglass theory, you need to build a bridge from the top to bottom or bottom to top to connect it. When you burn, leave a portion on the other end that you want to burn and don’t fold it all the way. You should leave about one-fifth or one-quarter of the FU without the center line folded.

In short, you must first find out which end you want to start burning, and then fold a vertical line in the center from the other side all the way to this burning end, but leaving a portion on your burning end not folded.

So, there are two ways to fold the FU talismans now. Either fold it with the text facing outside or inside. Which way is correct?

6 Methods of Burning of a FU Talisman

Burning of a FU Talisman can be basically categorized in 6 methods in general, which we call the luk-sun 六神 in Chinese. Most people will misinterpret the word to be 6 gods, which is totally not the case. As we have said in the article of “what is god in Taoism”, the word SUN does not mean god in magic or Taoism at all. This word SUN here means how the energy can execute the work and create an effect, just like we said, you can move but where and how to move? There are 6 major routes! Sum it up, in short, you can see the 6 methods as below, categorized in two sets of 3.

Burning the Top

  1. Burning the top with folded text inward
  2. Burning the top with folded text outward
  3. Burning the top without folding the center line

Burning the Bottom

  1. Burning the bottom with folded text inward
  2. Burning the bottom with folded text outward
  3. Burning the bottom without folding the center line


Details of FU Talismans Burning Methods

Burning the top with folded text inward – this will help your FU to summon in resources, pre-heaven energies and things that are not used yet, like resources or elements that are not yet being used, and it will be summoned or attracted or pulled into the area of where you burn the FU. For example, if you are burning one of our “FU HEAD” at your house, you are then summoning in this type of energies into your area to empower your area up with more elements, more resources. This method is very useful when we are trying to boost up our altar or house’s energy. It helps to draw in resources of what the FU instructed. But, it won’t “do work” to process anything much.

Burning the top with folded text outward – This will give resources out to things, meaning that the FU will now push out its resources inside the FU to another thing or another object in the post-heaven world, or another destination. This resources or element pushed over to the other side will not be unpacked, it will flow into the object and down it’s “heart” system, meaning that the object will now get this FU’s energy inside its operation system core, and can do the FU’s work later. This method is often used for empowering objects to become a “magic tool”. For example, when we need to activate a stamp or a tool to make it be able to do the work of the FU, then we will burn like this on top of the object and infuse the FU into the object to program it for magic work to be done by the object later on. For example, you want to carry a little pendant flashlight on your neck as a protection magic tool, then you can get a protection FU from us and burn it this way on top of the light and it will then infuse into the object and set the program in while giving it the power to execute the programmed feature.

Burning the top without folding the center line – This will just pour over resources as resources, meaning that it will not become a program, but just to stay as resources for the next party, and this type of resource is still, non-moving, and yang property. This can be done to “add fuel” to things. For example, if your “statues” on the altar or a magic tool is running low in power, then you might want to get our FU HEADS and burn it like this on top of the object, and now it will add more resources to it, like adding battery, but it won’t become the object’s “program” and start doing the work of the FU, it just adds the potentials there, like adding more battery or power for the object. Things transferred over will be still and not be flowing or moving at all.

Burning the bottom with folded text inward – This will make the FU sucks “in” the processing power, making the process stop or go into a “buried” mode. When things are buried into the ground, they stop moving and will die out. This is used when we want things to go down into the ground, such as when a FU is done with its job like a protection FU expired, then we will burn it like this to stop the FU’s processing power and shut off the engine.  Sometimes, if we sweep the house with a FU to suck up negative energies, we will also end the ritual by burning these FUs with this method, so that the negative energies can be “buried into the ground” meaning that the stuff will stop moving and stop its moving ability, then the negative energies will not do harm anymore but cycle back to nature.

Burning the bottom with folded text outward – This will make the FU start doing work and process right away, and so the FU will activate itself and expose the power to the outside or subject. This method is commonly used for exorcism or luck boosting. When you need work to be done right away, you will burn the FU like this. Mind you that, this is work to be done, but work that needs to process or really do things, it will start moving, and not work as in any kinds of work. For example, you need the FU to exorcise the evil spirit, or you need it to bust something, dissolve negative crap, etc. Then it will go and do this for you.

Burning the bottom without folding the center line – This will transfer things over “as processing elements” and empowers the ground of things, adding more “wind” to things, meaning that it will add more force to push things already in process to process through faster, but it won’t cause effect on its own. It’s a helper force, or a rushing and pushing force, like when you already ordered food, and this is like to call the waiter over and tell it to rush your order for you. This method is done used for helping things to process faster, boosting magic work and such. For example, if you already have some magic working in the process, then you can burn the FU like this to boost it, and help it to work faster.

Why Burning FU into Water

Water holds “chi” (energies/air) and that is a very simple theory. When you burn the FU into a bowl, the energy of the FU will stay in the area of the bowl, then you add water, which contains the energy and stop it from being used up or dissolving. In Chinese, we saying 藏龍 chong-lung meaning to contain the dragon, which is a metaphor that means to contain this system of thing to be used later. A chain of essence that can be used to give birth to things is what a dragon means here, funny how most people totally mistook it to be an animal and thinks that Taoist really need to find dragons in the spiritual world!

For a bath cleansing FU, you burn the FU into a bowl by burning the bottom, folded outward, because you want the process to execute outward to the person being cleansed. Then after burning the FU into the bowl, you add water to contain it and add this water to the tub of water, soak yourself in and enjoy the bath. For an exorcism FU that you will be drinking, it’s the same method, but you just drink it instead of soaking yourself in the water.

If you burned the FU the wrong way, what will happen?

For a bath cleansing FU, if you burn it from the top, folding outward, then it becomes an empowering bath. It will still work, but the “breaking up negative energy” property is not there. It will be a bunch of positive energies swamping in and trying to override the negatives or neutralize it so that it will stop moving and doing harm. It will work too, just a different way or manner of doing the work. However, if you didn’t fold the FU before burning, then it won’t really do the job well, because resources don’t flow into the process or process won’t flow to get resources, then it will just be a “booster” style of energy, helping your energy body itself with a  little boost, not really doing the job instructed in the FU itself.

Learning Real FU Talismans Magic

Learning how to burn a FU Talisman is already very fun isn't it? There are a lot more to learn when you really start learning in our lineage!

As you can see, the proper use of a FU Talisman can be very tricky and precision is required to execute magic properly and there is no other way out but to learn it with real hands on experience. If you want to learn about real FU Talisman and how to make them, use them, or even to use it for your friends and family or your loved ones, then you should learn Saam Law Sun Gung Taoist magic today!