How to Burn a FU Talisman Properly

We see people burning FU in the movies all the time, and do you know that most of them are doing it wrong? Burning a FU is not just putting it on flame after you take it out of your pocket.  Burning a FU is not that simple!  In this article, you will learn about FU burning and how to use the FU in real Taoist magic!


The purpose of burning a FU is to “send” the FU to the other world, where the gods are. Imagine the FU is like a ticket that says “deploy missile”, and you hold onto that ticket until you reached a location that you want to bomb, then you burn the FU. Once you did so, the Headquarters will know and will press the button to deploy the missile over to that location you marked.

Burning a FU also sets things to “start” as well. There are FUs that deploy celestial troops, and you need to burn them at a certain location for the troops to be deployed there.

Burning the FU into a bowl and then adding water for drinking is a common practice – and what that means is that you burn the FU into the bowl, then the gods know to beam down the power of that FU into the bowl. It’s not the physical paper that has energy, it’s the gods that give you the power when they know your FU is burnt. The FU paper itself is not the magical power, it’s the god’s power that is magical. Burning the FU sets the FU to start, and signal to the gods that they have to start doing their part as well.

How to Burn

Burning a FU is not easy, you must first know why you are burning it, then burn it correctly according to the methods, then use the FU properly.

To burn a FU, you must use the right FIRE to burn them. For example, on the altar you have 2 candles, which one should you be using? To burn a FU that tells the gods to do something for you, you must use the altar’s right-side candle to signal that this FU is to be executed.

6 Ways of Burning a FU:

Burn from top, fold inward

It means FU go back into the sky, and that is only used when the FU is used or finished with its job, we burnt the fu to let the FU gods return back to heaven.

Burn from top, fold outward

This is done when we need the FU to be transferred to another body. For example, there is this protection FU, I burn it from the top and fold outward, then use the flame to circle 3x over a poster on the table. Now this poster is the new body for the protection FU, taping the poster up will equal taping a FU there. The FU goes INTO the new body.

Burn from top, no folding

This method just transfers a message to the celestial court and doesn’t do anything, it is commonly used for burning the sacred form.

Burn from bottom, fold inward

This method is to capture things back into the altar, and it is usually used in exorcism for FUs that is used for absorbing the negatives and evils.

Burn from bottom, fold outward

This method is the most commonly used method, which is for activating the FU and sending it to WORK and to do the job ask requested. Almost all the FU can be burnt this way.

Burn from bottom, no folding

This method is to send a message to the local altar that the FU is connected to. 

After Burning

The ashes from the FU burning are nothing but ashes, you can gather them up and trash them. Don’t flush them down the toilet as that disrespectful to your gods. (You don’t want to mix them with the “poop” and dirty things!).

The FU for drinking – sometimes you have a lot of FUs to drink, and that means a lot of ashes, and people often end up with a whole bowl of black water that is very hard to “accept” for most people. We often just drink it like that traditionally, but it is not needed. Take one FU at a time, burn it, then use the flame to circle over the bowl 3x CW, then dot into the middle, then set the FU to burn into another bowl. Keep doing so until your FU is all burnt out, then add water into this bowl. You will end up with a clear bowl of water, and nothing from the ashes. This is totally fine, because you just signalled to the gods that this is the bowl that will contain the power, and not the bowl with the ashes.

Ordain today to learn how to draw FU Talismans and consume them for building your magic power!