Spells Creation 101

14 March, 2023

Blowing your mind the third time, teaching you how to create your own spell and magic with your altar and the god at home, it is super practical and this is not a joke.

When a Taoist Needs a Wooden Sword?

13 March, 2023

Cia Juan is kicking your butt, teaching you something to open your eye of wisdom, and so you can see what you have been NOT doing or holding back is purely stupid. Move now.

The Taoist’s Vocation

12 March, 2023

Know your role as a Taoist, what is your vocation, obligation and why are you granted the Taoist's magic power, what is it for, what you should be doing?

What Brings You Success

10 March, 2023

A common mistake that needs to be pointed out is what makes you a good Taoist disciple and what makes you suck? Pay attention, and don't miss out on this hard-hitting lesson.