Celestial Court Structure 103

23 March, 2023

More in-depth teachings on the celestial court structure and powers, requirements and how the standard applies to the disciples who are allowed to access this power.

Celestial Court Structure 101

23 March, 2023

A detailed lesson on the Celestial Court structure and how the powers are used, how each god are responsible for their job and which palace for what duty etc. Learn about the special robe and outfits too.

Chick FU and Hoi Gwong Spells

23 March, 2023

Learn about the chick fu and hoi gwong spells. When to use them and when do you not need to use them, how to utilize the FU you have and get the job done fast.

Outfit of the TYHQ Religious Court

23 March, 2023

Bagwa robe, nine dragon hat, and sup fong shoes are the main outfit you need to work with the TYHQ powers in the religious court. This is your 101 lesson.

Altar and Power Level

23 March, 2023

Learn about the TYHQ and how much perks you can get out of this system, how much is being opened to you and the good side of having such a powerful system for magic.

TYHQ Mountain and Gods

23 March, 2023

More advance knowledge on TYHQ, the three peaks, gods involved in each, and what are the peaks for and how is this court so important for you all.

Three Mountains of TYHQ

22 March, 2023

Learn about TYHQ, the structure of the magical spiritual altar that holds three palaces which takes care of our lineage's power network and how the Tao flows to us.

Different Sky Different Purposes

22 March, 2023

Why do you need to connect to the celestial court or higher up in Taoism? What is the purpose of the higher court and when do you need them?

Write FU for Dummies

14 March, 2023

Learn how to write FU for newbies, how to create your own FU talismans and even create a book of customized FUs which you can use wtih your god at your altar.

When a Taoist Needs a Wooden Sword?

13 March, 2023

Cia Juan is kicking your butt, teaching you something to open your eye of wisdom, and so you can see what you have been NOT doing or holding back is purely stupid. Move now.

The Taoist’s Vocation

12 March, 2023

Know your role as a Taoist, what is your vocation, obligation and why are you granted the Taoist's magic power, what is it for, what you should be doing?