Personalized Guidance with Jee Sifu - Private Zoom Consultation

Welcome to the world of personalized guidance and direct interaction with Jee Sifu through our exclusive Private Consultation service. This live Zoom session provides you with an opportunity to consult with Jee Sifu about any topic he can assist you with. Whether you seek advice on personal matters, spiritual guidance, or any other area where Jee Sifu's expertise can make a difference, this one-hour session is tailored to meet your needs.

Booking Process and Duration

To ensure a personalized experience, please email us to inquire and receive confirmation from Jee Sifu before purchasing. Once your booking is confirmed, you can proceed with the purchase. Each session is a maximum of one hour, allowing ample time for in-depth discussions and valuable insights.

Flexibility and Timing

We understand that consultations can sometimes require additional time. To accommodate the flow of the session, we offer a flexible buffer of an additional 10 minutes beyond the scheduled duration, allowing for extended discussions, questions, and insights, at no extra charge. Please join the Zoom room 5-10 minutes before the scheduled time to ensure a smooth start.

Preparation and Equipment

To make the most of your Private Consultation, it is essential to come prepared. Ensure that you have your camera, microphone, and all necessary equipment set up and ready to go before the session begins. This ensures seamless communication and allows Jee Sifu to provide direct feedback and responses tailored to your specific needs.

Beyond Email Consultation

While email consultation is available free of charge, the Private Consultation offers a unique opportunity for a more immersive and interactive experience. Engaging in a live session allows you to receive direct feedback, gain deeper insights, and benefit from Jee Sifu's extensive knowledge. Jee Sifu often provides follow-up talks and may even deliver impromptu lessons to further educate and empower you. Additionally, Jee Sifu may surprise you with demonstrations of his magic abilities, performing live on Zoom to address certain needs, such as the removal of negative spiritual influences. Witnessing such feats firsthand offers a truly remarkable and memorable experience.

Experience a Personalized Consultation

Take advantage of our Private Consultation service with Jee Sifu and unlock the guidance, wisdom, and support you seek. Whether it's spiritual guidance, personal matters, or any other area where Jee Sifu's expertise can make a difference, this exclusive session provides a platform for direct interaction and valuable insights. Contact us today to inquire and book your Private Consultation with Jee Sifu. Get ready for an enlightening and empowering session that can help you on your journey.