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When you make an offering, it's not just about the monetary amount; it's about what that money represents – your time, energy, and most importantly, your faith. The effort and dedication you put into earning that money, coupled with the faith that motivates you to offer it, are what truly resonate with the gods.

Why Offerings Matter

Regular offerings are deeply appreciated by the gods because they support the lineage, or sect, which in turn provides a home for the gods. Without a thriving lineage, the gods would lack a place to reside. Your contributions help sustain the lineage, enabling it to continue offering assistance and blessings to more people. This act of giving is more than just a gesture; it's a significant and meaningful contribution to the broader community.

Including a Personal Message

If you wish to send a personal message to the gods along with your offering, please feel free to include a note with your order. We'll make sure to convey your message at our altar, adding a personal touch to your offering and strengthening your connection with the divine. This way, your offering becomes more than just a financial contribution; it becomes a direct line of communication between you and the gods, imbued with your personal thoughts and wishes.