Distance Fu Ceremony

Experience the power and convenience of our Fly Fu Ceremony. This unique service allows us to transmit the potency of our FU Talismans to you, wherever you are in the world, without the wait for physical shipping.

Designed as an accessible option for believers and those in need, the Fly Fu Ceremony is priced more affordably than our Small Ceremony, providing a cost-effective solution for spiritual assistance.

As part of our commitment to flexibility, this ceremony is automatically included when you purchase either our Small or Big Ceremony for your case.

How it Works

The Fly Fu Ceremony is a distant ceremony conducted by Jee Sifu. Upon confirmation of your FU Talismans purchase and receipt of your intention to utilize the Fly Fu Ceremony, we schedule the ritual at our altar.

In a magical way, we "fly" the FU to you, transferring its spiritual properties and blessings across distance. The result is immediate access to the FU's power without the need to wait for physical delivery.

What You Need to Do

After purchasing your FU Talismans, send us an email to confirm your intention to have these FUs "flown" to you via our Fly Fu Ceremony. If the FU is intended for a specific object or being (such as a pet, house, or car), please provide a photo of the subject. We will then schedule the ceremony accordingly.