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Cleansing for Home with Taoist Magic

Cleansing for Home with Taoist Magic


Cleansing the energy of the house (or office space) is very important, because it affects the Fung Shui of the place, the energy flow, which is what shapes the patterns of your future. If you want a better and smoother month, getting Tin Yat Dragon to do this ceremony for your house is a great idea.

If you are a disciple of our lineage, learning the Taoist magic of Saam Law Sun Gung, you would also know that we actually do this sort of ceremony to our house every month as a routine practice to get our own house the best energy possible so that we can do magic work and cultivate magic in this clean and energetic environment. For a normal person, it improves the luck and shapes a better future for you and your family, giving you a better life, better future!

Those who are encountering a spiritual issue will also benefit from this ceremony, yet there might be more work required to have your problem resolved. This ceremony is for a routine-clean-up session, and should be done regularly to get your house the best energy flow possible.

How to Get Started

E-mail us and start to communicate with us!  Send us the photo of your house, your address and maybe tell us a bit about who lives there and some information you would like us to pay more attention to. After that, we will prepare for the ceremony and have it done for you as soon as possible. Upon the completion of the ceremony, you will get a notification and a brief report for your house’s energy status.

Master it Yourself!

Want to be able to do this ceremony yourself and start cleansing the energy of your home every day?  Get ordained and learn Saam Law Sun Gung Taoist magic!  There is no requirements and restrictions to start. You can get ordained as a stage 1 disciple and start doing magic to your home already.  Tin Yat Dragon thinks that everyone deserves the rights to get control over their life’s energy factors. We can get a broom and clean up our house, why shall we not be able to clean up the energy side of it too?  Claim your rights to give your house a real complete clean up, and not just a 50%!  There is a physical side of the house, and an energy side of the house too. 

It is great to have the power to cleanse the space at home, but even our disciples, or even the masters in the lineage, will also purchase this service from time to time - because they want a better clean up done by the headquarter! 

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