Thanking Package


Regularly thanking the gods is a fundamental part of our practice, but there are times when you may feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude due to their significant help. In such moments, an offering can be a powerful way to express your heartfelt thanks, going beyond mere words. By purchasing this item, you have the opportunity to include a personal message, which we will convey to the gods on your behalf, helping you articulate your gratitude.

The Essence of Monetary Offerings

Remember, when you make an offering with money, it's not the monetary value that counts. It's about the effort, time, and energy you've invested to earn that money. By offering it to the gods, you're essentially sharing a part of your journey – your faith, love, and appreciation. The money serves as a conduit for these sentiments, delivering your heartfelt thanks to the divine realm.

Choosing the Right Amount

We provide different amounts as options to cater to diverse needs and capacities. The key is not the quantity but the sincerity behind the offering. Choose an amount that you feel genuinely represents your gratitude. If you feel called to give more, or if the standard options don't quite capture your feelings, our customized offering option is available. This allows you to tailor your offering to precisely reflect the depth of your gratitude. Remember, it's the sentiment behind the offering that truly resonates with the gods.