Taoist Way to Healing 101

Healing done the Taoist way is the best way you can find, because it is the most natural and safest way you can find! What is safer than letting nature heal you? What is the best way to be healed if you are sickened? To Taoists, your body that is sickened is already sickened, and you cannot heal yourself by using “your own energy,” because you are already wounded. Let the ill rest and have the “mother nature” heal you instead! Why mother, why not the father? Read our previous poston the how the role of a family works in nature!

The sky above gives its pre-heaven “dragon chi” down to the ground, the ground absorbs it and processes it, then it pushes the “internal chi” from the ground back out to the level above the ground for “humans” to absorb. After the human is done consuming this energy, they release the chi, and it will be grounded back into the ground level, and ground level will push it back out to return back to nature, and the cycle repeats. This is the trinity structure and flow of nature’s creation energy as explained in our lineage.

Therefore, the ground is what we are connected to, and it is what fuels us with the life force energy that we need to be “healed.” In other words, if you want to be healed, you need to absorb from the ground. A metaphor for this is – nature gives its resources to the farm and the farmland then gives birth to some fruits and veggies; we then take those fruits and veggies and consume them to be replenished. We don’t drink rain water directly from the sky, but we can drink water inside the ground, like those in a well.

Taoist healing is all based on utilizing nature’s creation energy, which we call the dragon chi. This energy is what helps us to realign ourselves, heal the wounds, and also to replenish and rejuvenate ourselves for a better tomorrow.

When one is moving, they are outputting their energy. Obviously, you get tired after thinking, talking, or moving around. If you want to start intaking and regrouping energies back into yourself, the key point is to do the opposite: stop thinking, stop talking, and stop moving. I never said to sleep though!

Our energy body is like an hourglass, which means that when we sit or stand, the hourglass is in the vertical position where the sand flows downward. When you sleep and lay down, the hourglass is put sideways, and it will stop flowing, but it will also start to even out the energy inside. 

When we stop moving, our body enters the “yin” state, the negative state, which starts to suck in and regroup our own energies inward and back into our body.  While we are sitting, the energy goes into us, and it flows downwards to be processed, and then it starts to “run” in the system, which means that whatever you have that is not good will be “healed” by the energy flowing by the area. It’s kind of like hole patching, wherever the puddle goes, the holes on the wall will be patched up.

Intention directs energy, breathing commands them to move, and your actual body sets them to flow. Your mind should be knowing why you are doing this exercise, or else just sitting there with your eyes closed won’t have any healing effect, since it was never done with that intention in the first place. After that, you should be using the proper breathing methods to command the chi to flow in and through your body, and you should use the body and hand movement to help your chi flow. 

Try to use the breathing pattern of 5-1-5 as you sit with the palm on the lap, facing upwards to the sky, just as if you were waiting for things to come into your palm. Breathe in 5 seconds, hold 1 second, and out 5 seconds. When doing so, command the energy from outside to go into you, hold at the heart, and exhale into the tummy area. This is a special breathing technique that is used to realign and fine tune the energy body. As you do it, the energy body will flow and cycle, as well as healing up any wounds. 

Your mind should start to think of “nothing” and whenever there is a thought, you should tell yourself – that is not what I want. Then let it be pushed away, and they will soon vanish and not come back anymore. By then, your mind is freed up, your breathing pattern is naturally done, and you enter state that feels like you are very different, as if you spaced out but you are not. During this stage, your body is pulling in energies, so sit for a while, and when you are done, use your hand to guide the chi downward and group into the belly area, using the right palm to push on your tummy, and left palm following. After a while, let go and enjoy the rejuvenated you! If you have any wounds or issues, simply change the exercise by putting your hand on that spot to be healed, and continue the 5-1-5 breathings.   Doing this every night before you sleep is going to help you heal and sleep better. However, make sure you are using NATURE’s energy to heal – that means the secret is to FACE somewhere that has nature’s elements and energy. For example, looking out the backyard with greens etc. If you don’t have a backyard and are stuck in an apartment facing nothing but buildings – then you need A PROPER TAOIST ALTAR to replace that source of power. Yup, being a disciple is JUST THAT GREAT. Even if you don’t have all those grassy greens around, you can still utilize the altar as a source and just take the power from there instead.

This method of Taoist healing is very simple, and yet very effective, for people who need help to recover their health. Yet, this is just an introduction. If you want to learn for real, you should sign up for classes and get started in the monthly lessons; that is where the real deal is located!