How to Build Stronger Chi

Health is more important than having more money, or materialistic “wealth”, and that is why people start looking to build a stronger body, with a stronger soul, instead of just focusing on building up physical wealth. The Chinese believe in “chi,” and the Westerners often laugh at this because how can it be real when you cannot even see chi? The fact is, no one can “prove” that chi exists with a machine. Just like 500 years ago when we could not prove many things because our technology was not advanced enough yet, could we just say that those things are not really there? You see, being naïve is not a problem, but ignorant is. That is why many Westerners have started to realize that science isn’t the only way, and there has to be a reason why the people in the East are often younger looking and healthier than the people in the West. Just compare the aging speed, wrinkles, and skin quality; the Chinese and Japanese or even Koreans can be at the age of 50 with no make up and look just fine. On the other hadn, the westerners at that age are full of wrinkles with tons of wear and tear. The answer is, the chi inside a person keeps them healthy, and building stronger chi and better chi is the key to health improvements.

Chi is like the word for “energy,” but it's like air inside a ball, or even more accurately said, it is the soul inside a person’s body. You cannot physically see the chi, just like you cannot see air, but does that mean air is not real? However, you can easily sense and know your own chi’s status by observing the results of what the chi brings you. Just like saying we can all feel our own energy level – as in when you are tired then you know your energy level is low. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist’s brain to figure out this, but false information all over the internet has made it harder than it seems.

There are 3 types of chi that combine together to form the actual chi quality inside your body. Once again, the chi is your soul, and that is where the saying “three souls” comes from. The three types of soul energy are the neutral, negative, and positive types. They are not three balls of energies, but actually a mix of the energy particles, just like how the neutrons, electrons, and protons make up an “atom” in science.

Neutral Chi – it connects our physical body to our spiritual side, and also make us feel ourselves, know about the direction in life we want to go towards, and be able to stay focused, like a line that can keep itself straight.

Negative Chi – it helps us process information, think, and do internal work such as pushing our internal system to operate, digest food, and such. With this soul energy being stronger, you are going to be a “brainer” and can think faster.

Positive Chi – it helps us the external way, meaning that this is the energy that is used for pushing the body to act, making physical changes, and doing things physically, and not just thinking about it all day long without moving our butts.

In order to build stronger chi, you need a focus in life, like being a Saam Law Taoist gives you a stronger sense of life and aligns you onto a focus point.  Studying and believing more about your religion and being confident and more focused with your belief is going to build up stronger neutral chi. 

“Using your brain more” will improve the negative chi, so things such as learning, reading books, thinking over puzzles, playing games, solving problems, and so on makes your negative soul stronger!

Doing physical exercises properly, will help you develop stronger physical or yang chi, which is why the physically trained people can always move their butt faster than normal people – just like the soldiers in military, they can just go and rush out of bed at 5 AM or even 4 AM and start working, while a little girl glued in the house never takes action fast and often wastes a day on just 1 or 2 things. In short, if you procrastinate a lot, it’s time to do more exercise!

As you can see, building stronger chi isn’t that hard. You can do it just by following the instructions above and do more of A, B, or C to improve the chi quality. Find a belief system and put your trust into it, focus your life and align your life with it, just like ordaining into the Tao and being a Saam Law Taoist. Then you want to study and use your brain more to think about things, or even to play with puzzles and games that make your brain spins. Lastly, do more exercise and use the body more, then eventually you will see improvements in all fields, which means you have a stronger soul, better chi quality, and a better life will follow. Do you need to be a Taoist to cultivate this? No, you do not, but it is always better to be, because we have more ways to develop these soul energies in a systematic way, and we are capable of doing more than what the average person can.