Cats Lover in Hong Kong Testimonial of Tin Yat Dragon Taoism

A cat lover from Hong Kong, is about the ordain into the lineage and learn Saam Law Sun Gung, but this person have been tagging around as a believer for a long time since 2013, and he have been a great supporter of our lineage too. His lastname is Au Yeung in Cantonese, so people call him Mr. Au Yeung.

During the time when Jee Sifu (Mak Jo Si) was debunking the scam cults online, Mr. Au Yeung have been a great helper for supporting the lineage.  Right now, after serious consideration, and observation, he decided to make this move in his life, and get ordained into the lineage, being part of the family.

The video above is in Chinese, but we will summarize what's being said here...

Mr. Au Yeung is not showing his face, because he was helping the lineage to debunk the Taoist-scam-cults back then, and that attracted a lot of haters and enemies, which also got him into some troubles afterward, including hacking attempts and many threats of all sorts. Therefore, he is using his cats as the representative, and here he is sharing his experience and testimonial...!

He siad, that he was interested in Taoist magic since his childhood, and he have learned a bit of this and that before, including luk yam shen gong, mao shan, tin si tao etc.. and none of them really give him a good experience. Wudang Taoist promotes health and life and so he went for the tai chi, but then a master shows up with a pack of cig in the Taoist robe pocket...  doing tai chi will give you good health, there is no need to get rid of smoking - said the master. Speechless?

He witnessed a lot of sifu(s) like that in Hong Kong, and a lot of gangsters, punks, mafias who are "masters", with tons of swearings and bad langauges in their "teachings'.  He just cannot stand it.

Later on, Au Yeung encountered Jee Sifu online and witnessed a lot of things with the lineage. Finally he found the golden master he always wanted. A knowledgeable, yet humble, funny, and open minded master who teach and live a life of what he teach. Learning Saam Law Sun Gung is one of the best decision in his life and he is going to be ordainedsoon, in the Nov-Dec period of 2017. Yes, he is waiting for funds, but it does not stop him from going forward to step his foot on the path of Saam Law Taoism.

Right now, Au Yeung is also making videos on YouTube, with his own channel, showing people what Saam Law Taoism is and sharing his experience with the public.