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Support Tin Yat Dragon, and our lineage!  This page is for those who want to show their gratitude and appreciations.

USE QUANTITY and add up the quantity to your desired amount and send the hearts! (each order is $5, if you want to give $15, then place 3 for the amount.)



TAO - The essence that leads the whole team or system to move forward, and it provides the need, fuels the system and gives the direction of how things will be later.

  • The Tao of a company is the person who found the company that leads everyone and the company to a certain direction.
  • The Tao of your body is the head that leads your body to move.
  • The Tao of the disciple is the lineage that leads them to the direction of magic cultivation and provides them with the wisdom, knowledge, and power of magic.

Cultivating the Tao - For the disciples, it means to make you and the lineage communicate better, being more bonded to the lineage, and keep learning, absorbing and using your magic power and wisdom you got from the lineage!

TE -  Execute with your intention and action, to give back to where it started.  So you can have more to take in the future.

  • The Te of a farmer who takes the food from his farm is to plant things back to the farm and also to sustain the farm business so he can have more to harvest later.
  • The Te of your human life cycle is to eat and sleep to give back to your body that gives you powers to use.
  • The Te of the disciple is to give back to the lineage that you take and learn from, so that you have more to take and learn in the future.

To cultivate the Te - For the disciples, is to give back to the lineage in terms of spiritual and physical support. This page is where you can contribute your supportive heart.


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