Burn Incense for Blessings

Offering incense on behalf of you to our gods and deities is a form of showing respect, trust and faith to the Tao. By doing so, you are building a heart-to-heart connection with the Tao of Saam Law, which allows it to channels you the light and energy whenever your heart connects and beg for its help.

If you have anything you wanted to relay to the gods of our lineage, such as a thank you message, or a wish request, you can let us know in the form you will be redirected to after checkout. If you do not have a message you would like to relay, simply click no, on the form. If you are not redirected to the form, click this link

Your heart toward the Tao is what makes the Tao cares for you. Burning incense often shows the Tao that you are faithful, which translates to a good believer or disciple in the Tao’s book.