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Zi Wei Dou Shu Life Report


Zi Wei Dou Shu life forecasting report tells you about your life potentials, and let you plan about what to do more or be expected for certain things that might come to you during the year. Your life is not preset or pre-programmed, but there is always a pattern that drives your life around, and this pattern is there because of how your Yuen Sun (spiritual planetary body) is born and orbiting.  By getting an annual Zi Wei Dou Shu report done, you can see how you can plan or work your year around, or even dig into specific things to see how to dissolve obstacles or hiccups that you are already encountering.

Beside the Zi Wei Dou Shu report, we also offer something even more professional and special for those who need a more real-time and special attention to problems they are already encountering. This is the “Spiritual Diagnosis Report” that allows us to soul-travel and diagnose your Yuen-Sun right away and see how it’s doing, instead of following the equation methods. This will allow you to check up on your luck right now too.

A Zi Wei Dou Shu report is good for annual planning, resolution planning, and even seeing why certain things keep on coming up in life that stings your back all the time.

If there is a problem happening with your life pattern, your Yuen-Sun, what you need to do is not to surrender and let it bite you. Instead, there are many secret methods you can use for dissolving these bad energies and patterns that are not exposed to the outsiders. Most people only heard of the forecast or report part of Zi Wei Dou Shu, but never heard of how to fix problems or give your life some special boost on a certain field.  Just by reading a report and calling that’s your life is meaningless, and won’t help you at all. You can be more careful of this and that, but you are still not able to override your life’s energy pattern. As a result, most people think that these reports are pretty useless since there isn’t a way to work around it or change your destiny. Here, Tin Yat Dragon have got this part covered!

Upon checking up your life forecast report, we will be able to tell you what you can do to dissolve the bad happenings, or help boost the things you need more positive energies on, and all these magical and powerful workings to tweak your life, changing your destiny, is not possible to be done by anyone by trained professional like us. If life says that your year will suck, it’s time to erase that line and put something else on the book of your life!

How to Get Started

E-mail us to get started, and provide us your name, date of birth (with time) and best if you also have a photo of yourself that is most recently taken. After we have gathered up all information, then we will be crafting you a detailed Zi Wei Dou Shu life forecasting report!


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