Troops Token FU 兵馬符

For all initiated and ordained disciples, this FU is the ultimate insurance for your magic work. It takes time to build power, and there is really no shortcut for magic. However, you are fortunate that there is a TROOP TOKEN FU that you can consume and possess the power to request reinforcement troops from the headquarter altar when you need.

What this means is that when your magic is not strong enough for the job, you can request reinforcements from the headquarter altar and borrow the highly cultivated troops and they will help you do what you need them to do. This is especially critical for exorcism, busting curses, or doing a protection to repel against evil magic attacks.

You can choose different packages for how long you want the effect to last. This FU is a must if you want the best result for all your magic work.

When you want to request for the power-reinforcement, you just need to recite your heart spell and visualize the headquarter altar which you can see in the youtube videos. Just think of the altar and the heart spell will draw power from there for you as long as you have consumed this token in your body.