Si Yeh FU 師爺符

For all initiated disciples and ordained disciples of all level, this FU is a special GEM for you. There are so many spells to embedded into every strokes of the FU and symbols, you might forget some, and get some spells wrong etc. What if there is an option of "auto-correct" and "auto-fill" for you like how your computer can automatically fill in the missing parts for you with an "Ai" installed?

The Si Yeh FU is a special FU that is cultivated for this purpose. Because your Jee Si Gung have cultivated all the spells and FUs and he have spent the time and effort building the power. This FU allows him to clone the power to you as an auto-filling feature. 

After consuming this FU (water), you can basically write FU without using the spells as long as you know the purpose of the FU. This goes the same to the FU HEADs as well. It makes your life SO much easier. Even if you are doing the spells, but you got it wrong, this FU will help you correct everything and make it work so that you have time to LEARN and ADVANCE progressively. You can take your time to learn, but your mistakes will now cost you NO REDUCTION of power and effectiveness. Enjoy the special FU and you can now be a FU HERO.