Seven Stars Sword Sage Formation Magic

Upon Ng Lui Sin Si Anniversary, we have been granted a holy mission to deploy the celestial powers of Ng Lui Sin Si with a special magic. This magic will be done at our upper level’s altar for protection and peace of everyone in the lineage.  This magical formation method is being powered by Ng Lui Sin Si, Sun Lung Jo Si and Gim Sing (Sword Sage Deity). Anyone can join the magical ceremony by submitting their request on the website, along with an offering, and a wish for how you would like your life to be improved and become more peaceful. As we build our formation in the upper level, we will open a portal and direct the magic to your way.  This magic is called the Seven Stars Gim Sing Formation (Seven Stars Sword Sage Deity Formation).  For those who want to connect to the magic formation to beam down the power for protection or empowerment can also cultivate the Gim Sing (Sword Sage Deity) Spell! More teachings will be released on our forum!  Spread out the good news to those who you cared for, initiate today to join the magical and holy mission together, bringing protection and peace to everyone in our big family of Saam Law Taoist.

We are offering these options for you to participate in our ceremony and benefit from it, or you might just want to get the FUs for yourself.